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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 702 - Turbulent Dark Waves Surges 2

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“This is my mentor, Jun Mo.” Luo Fan pointed to the 20-year-old handsome young man and said.

Geng Di's eyes slightly shone. Jun Mo was the only Master Pharmacist in the Lan Yue Dynasty. Rumor had it that Jun Mo was already nearly 100 years old. But the man in front of him looked like he was in his early twenties. He really couldn't link him and an old man together.

"So it was the Master Jun Mo, I was impolite." Geng Di pressed down the surprise in his heart and greeted the person very politely. Jun Mo's status in the Lan Yue Dynasty was unparalleled. Although he had was no title, he was known to be a royal Pharmacist that served the Imperial Family. It was said that all those who could count as strong in the Lan Yue Dynasty were inextricably linked with Jun Mo. If one could have a good relationship with Jun Mo, they could make friends with the strong people of the Lan Yue Dynasty.

Even Geng Di was absolutely unwilling to offend such a Master Pharmacist.

“Then these two are?” Geng Di’s previous contempt was already gone when he met Jun Mo. Although Luo Fan had become a waste, he still ha a strong mentor in his back.

Luo Fan smiled and said, "This is my friend Shangguan Xiao, and the senior is Shangguan Xiao's master, Master Pu Lisi, who was the head of the Pharmaceutical Branch of Holy Roland School in Long Xuan Empire. but now, it has been decided that he will join the country of Lan Yue Dynasty."

“Master Pu Lisi! It's an honor to meet you. It's an honor to meet you.” Although the prestige of the Long Xuan Empire declined day by day, its background was very profound. Several Long Xuan Empire Master Pharmacists’ names were renowned in the entire Radiance Continent. And Master Pu Lisi's name had already spread throughout every corner of the mainland.

The arrival of two Master Pharmacists made Geng Di awfully excited. Although his father was a Duke, he could only move Advance Pharmacists at most. They did not dare to think about moving those Master Pharmacist. But now, two of the Master Pharmacist with big names came. How could Geng Di be unhappy?

"Please, the four, take a seat!" Geng Di offered very politely. He immediately let people bring the best tea for them.

"City Lord, it is a great honor for us to be invited by the Duke into the Magical Fantasy City. But I have one thing I want to consult with the City Lord. I also request the City Lord to be truthful and respond according to facts," Lou Fan said.

“Please say, if I know, I will surely tell it to you without hiding anything.” Geng Di also knew how difficult it was to recruit a Master Pharmacist. When he had just acquired territorial rights in the Barren Land, his father, in order to provide him full strength, did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to hire many capable people. Master Jun Mo was also on his father’s list. Unfortunately, no matter how precious the gifts he presented, and how tempting his promise was, Jun Mo did not have the slightest trace of loosening.

Now, nevermind Luo Fan asking one question. Even if he asked for help to kill and set fire to his enemy, Geng Di would comply without battering his eyes.

Luo Fan looked at Jun Mo. Jun Mo gestured to him and then he said, "I would like to ask the City Lord, what is the name of the Long Xuan Empire representative that was sent to the Barren Land?"

When Geng Di heard his question, there was a hint of doubt on his face. He was not clear so he said, "You wanted to ask about the representative in The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao?"

"Shen Yanxiao? Is she from the Vermillion Bird Clan?" When Luo Fan heard Shen Yanxiao's name, his eyes flashed a hint of hatred.

"Yes, she is indeed a person of the Vermillion Bird Clan. I wonder why brother Luo would ask about her?" Geng Di asked.
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