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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 682 - Do You Have Any Problem? (1)

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Everything she did was just to protect herself and to unlock her seal. Yet, unexpectedly, in the course of events, she was pushed into situations where the wind and the waves were the fiercest. Since she was already in this body, she might as well think in this person’s shoes and do what she could.

But in this world, beside herself, she also had relatives and friends to take care of. For them, she would remove all threats, whether they came from heaven or hell, as long as they dared to point out and tell her that she and the people she cared about couldn’t live freely in this land, free from anyone’s control, then she would exterminate them!

The five animals did not say anything more after hearing Shen Yanxiao’s reply, and just looked respectfully at her.

Li Qi was imprisoned, while Pei Yuan and Long Yue were placed under house arrest. The rest of the imperial guards did not know what happened regarding the matters of the upper class and just wandered around the city naturally.

Although Pei Yuan and Long Yue were under house arrest, Shen Yanxiao did not restrict their actions. As long as they did not leave The Rising Sun City, they could still go around the entire city.

The construction of The Rising Sun City was still ongoing. And so, the arrival of the special envoy was soon forgotten throughout the city.

With no distraction, Shen Yanxiao assigned the works in the city. Under Shen Yanxiao’s guidance, Pei Yuan led the imperial guards to help in constructing the city.

With the increasing number of ores discovered by Su He in the eastern region, The Rising Sun City Walls was finally finished and there were even several small buildings finally built. A city was starting to form, that after years had passed would attract people’s attention.

Because of Shen Yanxiao’s previous act of suppression with the eight Mythological Beasts, the three other forces become more clever during this time and didn’t dare to cause any trouble.

Shen Yanxiao seized the time to build the city.

Several months later, Shen Yanxiao looked like a parent seeing her child grow as she watched The Rising Sun City finally beginning to look like a real city.

Seeing that the construction of the city was about to be completed, Shen Yanxiao was secretly happy and depressed at the same time. Although Xiu’s strength had been recovering, it wasn’t enough to unlock the next layer of her seal.

The more seals they had unlocked from the Seven Star Locking Moon seal, the more powerful the next layer of the seal would be.

If there were no demons that could provide dark elements in this city, then it would be impossible for Xiu to reach the next level and unlock the seal.

Shen Yanxiao felt depressed as she watched The Rising Sun City near its completion.

Standing on the wall of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao looked at the vast land outside, her heart depressed.

She was too depressed when she realized that something felt odd during the past few days.

The members of Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were acting strange these past few days: every time they saw her they would look away; before she could ask anything, they would begin giving random reasons to slip away.

They would say their stomach hurts and so on; this made Shen Yanxiao even more depressed. There was even one middle-aged mercenary who looked too scared and said his wife was about to give birth, just to run away from Shen Yanxiao and keep away from her sight.

Shen Yanxiao was extremely speechless.

Not to mention that these members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corp came to the Barren Land and left all their family in the Long Xuan Empire, the most stunning thing was that as Shen Yanxiao remembered, before they went to the Barren Land, they were still trying to find a young wife to marry; so how could he have a wife that was about to give birth to a child today?

How great was it to be a father ah!
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