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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 609 - Demon Revelry 1

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Intermittent chilly wind was blowing inside the rundown city of The Rising Sun, the large dark clouds still shrouded the sky above. The dilapidated city was covered in a dim light and the air in the city was even more turbid that even breathing became laborious.

A disgusting smell of rancid air drifted into the air, leaving people uncomfortable.

Just as they stepped into The Rising Sun City, Du Lang could already feel pairs of greedy eyes looking towards them through the ruins of the buildings.

Those visions were nailed to their bodies, making people feel a chill running down their spines.

At this moment, they really felt that they were in the Barren Land where the demons ran rampant. They were surrounded by demons everywhere, and although they were not visible, they could feel them.

Several young mercenaries swallowed their saliva. The palms holding their blades were a little tense.

The empty street was dusty and from far away, they could see two shadows approaching.

As the distance got closer, the two figures became even clearer.

It was two beautiful youths who looked exactly the same. They only wore one piece of clothing all over their body in which their chests were exposed in the air. Their white complexion was somewhat strange. It was a kind of white without a tad bit of blood, their skin looked as white as a snow. It was too clear and flawless that it was giving a creepy feeling.

Their long pitch-black hair was scattered behind them, and the darkness of their hair made the two people's skin look even paler. Their two identical faces had exquisite features, and the corner of their mouths had a trace of unusual bewitching smiles. But the most surprising thing was those two pairs of purple eyes.

“Are there other humans here?” A young mercenary whose level was not that high was surprised to see the two demon youths who appeared in front of them.

"Humans? Have you ever seen a human whose eyes are purple?" The Demon Wolf grasped his wand and became alert.

In the Radiance Continent, only the demon's eyes were colored purple, which was the symbol of demons who came from the Demon Race territory in the underground and the nightmare for everyone on the Radiance Continent.

Appearing here in almost human appearance meant that the level of these two demons was absolutely high!

As soon as they entered the city, they already attracted two higher demons. The hearts of Du Lang and others could not help but slightly sank.

However, there were two Mythological Beasts around Shen Yanxiao, so it should not be a big problem to deal with two higher demons. Nevertheless, they still feared that once the battle began, all the demons in the entire city would be attracted.

Hundreds of higher demons, even if there were two Phoenixes to help, the majority of them would definitely still be handled by them!

Engaging in a battle or not, their situation was not optimistic either way.

The two higher demons slowly entered the sight of the people, their mouths full of smiles.

“It’s been a long time since we have last seen a human entering The Rising Sun City. Guests from afar, please allow me to welcome you on behalf of all the residents of The Rising Sun City.” The demon on the left side bowed courteously like a well-educated aristocrat.

But no one responded to the demons. Everyone clung tightly to their weapons.

These higher demons were enough to swallow them in the blink of an eye!

The demon who stood on the right stared at the nervous people with a smile in his eyes.

“The guests are really reserved. As the first batch of humans to reach The Rising Sun City in the last hundreds of years, we will welcome you in the most enthusiastic way.” He spread his arms and stared at the humans in front of him. With a smile full of violence, he shouted:

"We welcome you to become the food of the demons."
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