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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 536 - School Tournament 26

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"..." Be careful of Qi Xia? Formidable opponent? Shen Yanxiao gazed afar into the distance, although she did not know what Qi Xia's level was in the end, she knew that if she wanted to, she could instantaneously take the wand from his hand.

She would then see if this fox who could cast a magic without chanting would still be able to cast a magic without a wand.

Qi Xia, who was walking towards the audience area, suddenly felt a chill run down his back; he frowned feeling puzzled.

Qi Xia and the Young Magician's battle began abruptly and ended even more abruptly.

The masses who were still not able to fully express themselves from having been duped could only shift their eyes to the other rings.

Apart from Qi Xia's battle, only a small number of more than 10 battles had concluded an outcome.

Most people were still fighting.

Half an hour later, all the rings had decided their outcome.

The first batch of twenty people from each profession made their exit and the next players continued the fierce battle.

There were three hundred and seventy people participating in the preliminary trials for each profession, each competition area was divided into ten rings, so one day was down to sixteen rounds to finish the first round of the preliminary.

A new batch of players entered the rings and another set of battles unfolded.

Shen Yanxiao quietly observed the performance of these players while listening to the pros and cons of the Warlocks when against these various professions.

Warlock was not a highly explosive profession, all of the curse techniques prioritized controlling the opponent.

But a powerful profession would not give the Warlocks the opportunity to cast a curse technique.

In terms of characteristics, the most that gave Warlocks headaches should be the less aggressive Knights and Priests. The former had a high defensive ability; even if they would be under the curse's control temporarily, with the Knight's defensive power, it would take a very long time to defeat them if one would just rely on a single curse technique. Moreover, the use of each curse technique would consume the Warlock's magic, so delaying tactics was absolutely not good.

The latter was the Warlock's bane. The Priests, who possessed the blessings and recovery magic, was the most annoying profession for the Warlocks. Very often, the casted curses would be quickly removed by the Priests' blessings, and the corrosive delay curses would be neutralized by the Priests' recovery magic.

Followed by the Swordsmen and Archers.

The Swordsman's attack speed and defense were not low, but not as exaggerated as the Knights. Once they were under the curse's control, the Warlocks could still hold their grounds against them.

Although the Archers' explosive power was not as good as the Magician's, they did not need to chant to release an attack. Their flexible maneuverability and ultra long distance shooting could effectively prevent the curses from approaching their body.

As for the Magician who was the most explosive profession in the eyes of all people, Yun Qi put it at the end of the list.

It was because all Magicians needed to chant before they could attack, and this was a best opportunity for the Warlocks to take an action.

The Pharmacist…

This profession, which had the least fighting capability than the rest, was directly neglected by Yun Qi.

After listening to Yun Qi's analysis, Shen Yanxiao became extremely depressed. It seemed like every profession could counter Warlocks. No wonder the Warlock profession was called a backstabbing profession before; there was almost no guarantee to win against other professions in a head-on fight.

When others were either so thick to the point of beefy, or so thin to the point of stealthy,

the best option would be to bully the lowest fighting power of all, the poor Pharmacists...

"Cough. In fact, the Warlock will become really powerful after reaching the Summoner level, the early stage is the accumulation of... to accumulate..." Looking at how his own disciple's face became more and more black, Yun Qi hurriedly spoke to appease her.

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