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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1825

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– Di Xiu (1)
The life of the Dragon G.o.d was a legend.

He grew from an ordinary eight-winged golden dragon to the very strongest, and everything he experienced was more thrilling than any story.

In the chaotic Hidden Dragon Continent, the powerful eight-winged golden dragons were distributed everywhere, occupying their own territory, and the friction between one another was constant.

The Dragon G.o.d was born and raised in the midst of various disputes among the Dragon Race. He had witnessed the constant struggle among his companions for territory.

When the Dragon G.o.d became a real adult eight-winged golden dragon, his strength began to show its sharp edge.

The divided Hidden Dragon Continent was once again united under his iron fists. All the eight-winged golden dragons were defeated by him, one by one. They wors.h.i.+ped him as the Supreme Dragon King, and he became unrivalled in the whole Hidden Dragon Continent.

The Dragon G.o.d managed the whole Hidden Dragon Continent. He was kind and just. Under his control, all the dragons lived in peace without any friction or dispute.

Until that day, when a light from heaven came down and selected the Dragon G.o.d. The voice of the Lord G.o.d pulled him from the life of an ordinary dragon into the world of the G.o.d Race.

And he had become a G.o.d!

When it came to other races, in order to become G.o.ds, it was necessary to undergo a baptism and change wholly; they had to shed their mortal body, exchange their bones, and live in the sh.e.l.l of a G.o.d.

The Dragon G.o.d had gone through this baptism and entered his new, G.o.dly body. Then his dragon body, accompanied by the Dragon King's Decree, was forever sealed in his lair, deep in the bottom of the ground.

“The body of the Dragon G.o.d… is here?” Shen Yanxiao couldn't help but be stunned when she read the last mural.

This huge palace had three different places one could access. Where they were right now was only the entrance to the Dragon G.o.d's lair.

“Yes. For those who are not born a G.o.d, if they want to become a G.o.d, they need to wash away all the filth from their body. The sh.e.l.l of an ordinary race cannot bear the strength of the G.o.ds.” Xiu patiently answered Shen Yanxiao. G.o.ds were formidable not only because of their strength, but also due to their soul.

When the Dragon G.o.d ascended the G.o.d's Temple, his soul was touched by a penetrating divine light. The soul of a G.o.d had been integrated into the soul of the Dragon G.o.d at the time of baptism, and that soul was no longer something an ordinary body could contain.

“Uh… Xiu, you were originally born a G.o.d, weren't you?” Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu.

“I haven't been penetrated with the divine light, but I was selected.” Xiu replied.

“Selected?” Shen Yanxiao was confused once again.

“The War G.o.d of the G.o.d Race is selected from among the strongest G.o.ds. The name of Asura belongs to the War G.o.ds. I am not the first War G.o.d. The one before me is also called Asura.” Xiu explained.

He did not occupy the position of War G.o.d at birth, but his strength surpa.s.sed that of the previous War G.o.d, so he took the position of War G.o.d.

War G.o.d, the powerful existence among the G.o.d Race that was second only to the Lord G.o.d. Only the strongest G.o.ds could be qualified to stand in this position.

“Ah? Then… what's your real name?” Shen Yanxiao stared blankly. Was Asura not the real name of Xiu? Was it just the code name of the War G.o.ds? Could it be that Xiu had no name?

Xiu lowered his head and slowly said, “Before I became the War G.o.d, my name was Di Xiu.”

“Di Xiu.” Shen Yanxiao repeated the name, and her calm heart seemed to be stirred up at this moment.

No wonder, no wonder he only allowed her to call him Xiu rather than Asura. Originally, the word Xiu was his real name; as for Asura, it was just the general name for the War G.o.ds.
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Table of Contents
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