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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1815

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Sal wanted to slap himself to death. He should have known that his Highness was an idiot that couldn't get things done!

There were some things that they should just keep to themselves, why must he say it?

Furthermore, saying it in front of Long Yan. Was this not forcing Long Yan to think over things more clearly?!

Long Yan's face soon sank.

The atmosphere at the banquet became a little tense, but Mingye, who sat in the main position, felt nothing wrong with what he had said, because it was all a script that someone had arranged at an earlier time.

n.o.body would have thought that Ye Dou, who was neglected by everyone, was hiding in the dark corner at this moment, and his thin lips were arranged in an evil smile.

Just before going to the banquet, Shen Yanxiao had exchanged places with Mingye and continued to control him with a curse technique.

The one sitting at the banquet right now was the real His Highness Mingye, while she took the role of Ye Dou, hiding in the dark to control everything!

As far as the location of this grand banquet was concerned, Mingye was quite far away from Long Yan's home. Even if Shen Yanxiao was a G.o.dly Thief, she could not steal things at such a distance while under the watchful eyes of the public.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao had Mingye attend this banquet instead of herself. Before coming, she had already instructed Mingye about what to say and what to do; everything was all in her plan.

As a cunning fox, she must make use of everything she could.

Sitting in the main seat, Mingye did not even realize how his words stimulated Long Yan. As before, he continued to spout eloquent speeches, making Long Yan's face turn from blue to white, from white to purple, and finally completely black.

The development of the situation was like horses going wild. Sal could no longer change the situation even if he had three heads and six arms.

Finally, under Mingye's hints left and right, Long Yan could not endure any longer.

He rose to his feet with a face as dark as the bottom of the pot, and said as his face twitched, “Thank you for your hospitality tonight. I feel a little uncomfortable. I will take my leave first.”

After saying that, before Sal could open his mouth to make him stay, Long Yan had already left the banquet in a rage with his own dragon subordinates.

Had there been such a banquet where guests were entertained like this?

Sal told Long Yan that His Highness had misunderstood him and wanted to make amends; he hosted this big banquet and invited him to dinner.

But exactly what was this dinner for?

This one dinner made Long Yan deeply realize the great threat he had posed to himself by making that promise to the undead. There was also that high and mighty tone of Prince Mingye which provoked every reverse scale of Long Yan.

Had he not been inside the city of the undead, it was feared that Long Yan would have flipped over the table on the spot.

Seeing the whole banquet farce, Shen Yanxiao's smile became deeper and deeper.

Long Yan had become angry; half of her goal could be said to have been achieved.

Seeing Long Yan leave, Shen Yanxiao did not hesitate to follow suit.

It was already night time, but there were still many undead wandering around in this city of undead.

As soon as Long Yan left the banquet, his killing intent could no longer be concealed. The undead everywhere he pa.s.sed retreated in all directions; no one dared to stay near him for one more second.

“My King, the undead are so abominable!” A four-winged red dragon who had come along with Long Yan spoke up indignantly. His eyes were filled with anger.

The actions of the undead tonight had thoroughly annoyed the arrogant dragons. The ubiquitous provocations and arrogance were simply unbearable to them.

“The undead have always been such despicable creatures. If they weren't useful to me, I…” Long Yan's eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness.
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