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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1789

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Summoning Vermillion Bird and Taotie back to her body, Shen Yanxiao put on her cloak and slipped quietly under the tree.

In front of her was a dense area like a city, where endless streams of undead could be seen coming and going, and from time to time, there were also several dragons walking with the forms of human figures.

Obviously, this was the city in the Hidden Dragon Continent where the undead lived temporarily. In order to express his sincerity, Long Yan ordered his dragons to build such a good city for the undead.

The central territory of Long Yan was just next to the city of the undead, so that it was very convenient for the two sides to meet each other.

Shen Yanxiao, clad in the same cloak of the undead, examined the moonlight necklace hanging around her neck. After making sure that nothing was wrong, she lowered her head and moved towards the city of the undead with her face under the broad eaves of her hood.

Shen Yanxiao's figure was very pet.i.te. Mixed amongst the undead, she appeared very similar to many low undead. Shen Yanxiao brushed past several of these low undead. She directly walked past them, but they did not find any abnormalities.

The undead’s perception of one’s aura wasn’t high; especially the low-level ones, whose perception was similar to that of ordinary human beings. If it were a strong dragon might, they might be able to perceive it. But if an "undead" whose aura was hidden and dressed exactly like them pa.s.sed by, how could they know that the other side was not an undead?

The death energy of the low undead was very thin, but in this gathering place of the undead, there was a strong death energy in the air. Surrounded by this kind of death energy, Shen Yanxiao, whose aura was concealed, would naturally be regarded by the undead as kin emitting this death energy.

It was like, in a place with a strong odor, you could emit the same odor without giving yourself away since for others, this smell was just the same as the odor in that particular place. Anyway, it was everywhere, so as long as there were no other odor, n.o.body would notice it.

The concealment of her aura was almost perfect. Shen Yanxiao's mouth curled up into a smile. She tried to raise her head and expose her face which had been half-concealed from the undead.

Several undead swept their gazes across Shen Yanxiao's face and showed a faint disdain; that kind of discrimination against the weak was not a bit covered.

Shen Yanxiao secretly touched the tip of her nose. She had made a certain change to her appearance. Besides turning her skin into the same grey tone as the undead, her five facial features had also undergone tremendous changes.

Her facial features, which were capable of causing the downfall of a state, had been replaced by an unprepossessing little face. Shen Yanxiao's originally small face looked even thinner because of the peculiar emaciation of the undead. With her figure, she looked like an ordinary low undead, or that kind of low undead with a very poor strength.

A low undead like this would not attract anyone's attention, no matter where they were placed.

At most, they would only attract some disdain from the other undead.

Affirming that she would not be discovered, Shen Yanxiao relaxed. Her goal was Long Yan, but she could not easily succeed in changing herself into a dragon.

Moreover, the dragons that could transform into a human form must be at least a high-level dragon such as the four-winged red dragons and above.

The high-level dragons under Long Yan were not countless. She would definitely be found by other dragons if she camouflaged herself rashly.

On the contrary, mixing among the undead, no one would know whether there were such a human as her among them because of the huge number of undead.

Under the perfect camouflage, Shen Yanxiao began to look around carefully at the city of the undead.

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