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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1775

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Along the way, the undead were very idle. The central region of Hidden Dragon Continent had been completely occupied by Long Yan and the undead. They were not at all worried about a sudden attack by dragons.

The whole journey, the undead were thinking about how they would have a good rest as soon as they returned to their station.

But, there were just so many strange things in the world that could make people speechless.

Just as the undead were hopping back to their base, two huge figures appeared in front of them.

A dark earth dragon was crawling on the ground while a red dragon was flying in the sky above their heads; that pair of red wings appeared to be mighty and domineering.

Zela was stunned when he saw the two dragons.

"How can there be dragons in this place?"

It wasn’t that Zela’s reaction was too intense, but that the whole central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent had been swept by the undead over and over again. Apart from a group of dragons who followed Long Yan, let alone dragons, even a single dragon scale couldn’t be seen.

But these two dragons suddenly appeared in front of them, which really surprised Zela.

However, after being surprised, Zela's eyes sparkled with excitement.

Their troop consisted of thousands; dealing with an earth dragon and a red dragon was really no challenge. To think that they had been in other parts of the Hidden Dragon Continent for more than a month but still did not see even the shadow of a four-winged red dragon. Although the number of the earth dragons and sky dragons they had grasped in hands was quite large, their combat strength was really unsatisfactory.

Zela had always regretted that he could not catch a high-level dragon this time, but he did not expect that, on his way back to the city, there would be a four-winged red dragon coming to his door!

It thrilled him very much.

That earth dragon was dispensable, but the red dragon was like a golden treasure falling from the sky, so that Zela's heart was blooming with happiness.

"Hurry up! Get that red dragon for me!" Zela rubbed his hands eagerly, hoping to rush to that red dragon and drag it down at once.

The intelligence of the high-level dragons was quite high; there were only very few idiots who would seek their own death.

Being able to see such a combative four-winged red dragon in the central region, Zela was very convinced that his undead ancestors must be blessing him.

A group of undead raised their weapons and shouted as they charged toward the two dragons; no need to mention how hungry-looking they were.

However, the two dragons who appeared out of nowhere seemed to have not found the imminent danger and remained in their original positions.

The earth dragon lay leisurely on the ground; he raised his eyelids lazily to glance at a large wave of undead coming towards him, but he was too indolent to move his claws even just a bit and simply blinked his eyes. The earth dragon simply didn’t have a sense of crisis as he shook his huge tail, swayed his head, and watched his pair of claws in front of him; his eyes were full of curiosity.

Obviously, to his eyes, the approaching group of undead was not as attractive as his pair of claws.

In the sky, the expression of the four-winged red dragon was also somewhat strange. It was not looking at the group of undead who were trying to take him down, but instead at a tree, and his expression was truly odd.

He seemed to be harboring hidden bitterness and a secret grudge with that look.

Furthermore, if one looked carefully, they would find that among the four wings on the back of the four-winged red dragon, only two of them kept on fluttering, while the other two wings seemed to have gone soft as they were stuck on both sides of his belly.

If not because his red dragon scales were too eye-catching, the undead would really think that what they saw was only a two-winged sky dragon.

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