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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1759

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"I don't want to die in the hands of the undead." Wen Ya naturally understood the current situation. She was not afraid of death, but they were human beings. They could not choose to explode themselves like the dragons. Once they died, their bodies would be brought back to life by the undead and they would become puppets.

The man said, "If Xiao’er sees that her parents have become undead, she will be very disappointed."

Wen Ya bit her lip and said nothing more. Only by constantly attacking could she ensure her chances of survival.

However, wave after wave of undead were summoned to join the battlefield. They had already been completely surrounded by the undead with no way forward and no way to retreat; it was a complete dead end.

Hall looked at the battle in front of him with a grim smile. Whether it were Long s.h.i.+ or those two human beings, he wanted them to be his most loyal puppets.

It was Hall's pleasure to turn his former enemies into dogs that would serve by his side.

Hall's fantasy, however, was shattered by the ear-piercing screech of a bird in the sky.

A red flame, like a lightning bolt, broke into the battlefield in the sky, tearing a crack in the encirclement of the bone dragons.

"What's going on?" Hall looked at the huge flame in the sky, flabbergasted.

Without waiting for his reaction, several figures had fallen from the sky and launched attacks on the undead on the ground.

"It's not a good hobby for many to bully the few. Why not let us also play with you?" With a mischievous smile, Shen Yanxiao stepped on the head of an undead laying on the ground, raised her chin slightly and looked at Hall in the rear of the undead army.

"Who are you?" Hall looked at the human girl in shock.

When did Hidden Dragon Continent begin to have so many human beings?

Around the girl, a handsome young man stood leisurely. There was also an endearingly silly black-haired, adorable young boy that was looking around at the numerous undead; drool was vaguely visible from the corners of his mouth.

"I am the Undead Slayer." Shen Yanxiao smilingly said.

"Master, these... can I eat all these?” Taotie’s eyes glowed green in greed, pulling the corner of Shen Yanxiao's clothes.

Taotie had fallen in love with this delicious "food" ever since he took a bite at the undead in their last hunt.

Crispy little bones! It could not get any more delicious!


Under Shen Yanxiao's command, Taotie instantly transformed into a huge beast in the midst of the undead, and his huge body crushed hundreds of them into dregs in an instant.

"Azure Dragon, go." Yang Xi raised his arm, after which a blue light rushed into the sky; a blue dragon then appeared up there, immediately joining the battlefield in the air.

The addition of Vermillion Bird and Azure Dragon greatly reduced the burden of Long s.h.i.+. He felt surprised, seeing the sudden emergence of reinforcements, and wondered where the two Mythological Beasts came from.

On the ground, Taotie spread his four legs, chasing the undead to gnaw at them. He appeared very happy; like a dog falling into a pile of bones, truly very happy.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi also wanted to show their hands, but there was no chance at all. Taotie was in all kinds of joy as he devoured the undead left and right. Shen Yanxiao also wanted to shoot several undead as a warm up. As a result, before her bow could be taken out, her goals had already been swallowed by Taotie’s big mouth.

Crunch and crunch...


How chewy!

Pounce! Bite! Crunch, crunch!

The tiny undead in front of Taotie instantly became a tragic sight; not to mention resistance, they could only hate their parents for not giving them two more legs so they could run faster.

d.a.m.n it!

They had never seen such a magical beast snacking on the undead!
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