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Several dragons looked at the human girl in amazement.

"Are you really going?" The gentle golden dragon asked with a hint of concern.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, "Long s.h.i.+ once saved my father. So today, I must go and save him."

The dragons were all astonished. To think that a human being had the courage to face the army of undead while they could only choose to stand idly by.

Shen Yanxiao's approach, which was a stark contrast to their choice, made these proud dragons feel ashamed.

She said she would go and she really meant it. Shen Yanxiao no longer spoke another word with the dragons. She called Qian Yuan, summoned Vermillion Bird, and then took Yang Xi and others to the site of the accident immediately.

When Vermillion Bird disappeared in the sky, the dragons in the valley were all silent.

"Letting a human being save our kindred..." No one knew who sighed, but some of the eight-winged golden dragons, who had been arrogant and high-sounding, dropped their heads quietly. No matter how grand their reasons were, the fact was that they chose to give up their own kind.

The dragons fell into silence. Meanwhile, Shen Yanxiao and the others were on their way to the new battlefield.

Not far from the north, flames blazed into the air, and a dragon cry pierced through the sky.

The strong smell of blood and death permeated the air.

A giant silver dragon was facing three bone dragons in mid-air. The silver light from its mouth smashed onto one of the bone dragons that was trying to approach him. The powder of its broken bones drifted through the air, pa.s.sing the six s.h.i.+ny wings of the silver dragon.

Long s.h.i.+ was the strongest six-winged silver dragon in the history of the Hidden Dragon Continent. He was the only powerful silver dragon that had made many eight-winged golden dragons bow down.

Under the siege of the few bone dragons, he unexpectedly did not fall into a disadvantageous position. His silver dragon scales flashed with a dazzling brilliance under the suns.h.i.+ne.

"d.a.m.n it! The other side only has three dragons; the other two are just sky dragons as well. We already spent more than ten bone dragons, yet we're still not able to take them down!" An undead clad in a black cloak stared at Long s.h.i.+, who ma.s.sacred the bone dragons in the sky, with great hatred.

Unlike the low undead, this one had a green glint in his eyes. It was a rare high undead. He was holding a cane made of gray bones in his hand, and using this cane, he could resurrect dead bodies into an undead. In the process of pursuing the resisting dragons, he had resurrected countless enemies and reduced them to his slaves. But now he had met an opponent that gave him the greatest headache.

The first time they encountered each other, there were only four dragons on the other side.

There was only one six-winged silver dragon, one four-winged red dragon and two two-winged sky dragons.

He had thought it would be easy to take the spoils of war, but didn't expect that he had encountered the hegemon of the silver dragons!

The battle had been going for a day and a night, and the bone dragons under his hands were declining sharply. On the other hand, the other party did not suffer much damage. After they had seriously beaten the red dragon with great difficulty, Long s.h.i.+ s.h.i.+elded him in the end and let him escape.

"Lord Hall, we have already sent a signal to the other undead and they will come soon. That Long s.h.i.+ has been fighting fiercely for so long; his strength has surely declined by now. We can certainly take him down pretty soon." A low undead stood fearfully beside the high undead and spoke humbly.

"Be sure to kill Long s.h.i.+ for me. I will make him my most loyal servant after resurrecting his corpse!" Hall snorted. The strength of Long s.h.i.+ had shocked him greatly and also filled him with expectations. If he could subdue this silver dragon overlord, his position among the undead would definitely rise.
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