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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1720 – The Scum of the Dragon Race 1

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“More than a thousand years ago, a group of undead came to Hidden Dragon Continent. I have no idea how were
they able to get into contact with an eight-winged golden dragon of the Dragon Race, but after a period of time, the
two sides decided to cooperate. The eight-winged golden dragon provided the undead with the bones of the dead
dragons. The dragon bones were then resurrected by the undead with their magic, and helped the eight-winged
golden dragon to dominate the whole Hidden Dragon Continent.” The merperson narrated slowly.
“Impossible!” Qian Yuan furiously shouted. As a dragon, he knew more than anyone that the dragons were
disgusted with the undead. The dragons extremely treasured their same kind; it was totally impossible for them to
offer the skeleton of their kin to those undead.
The Undead had their own unique abilities. They wandered between life and death, and had the ability to almost rise
from the dead.
As long as they had the body of the deceased, they could resurrect any race. Merely, after coming back to life, they
no longer had any thinking ability, and they did not have any memory before death. They would be reborn as a
brand-new undead, and live on with the thoughts of the undead. Some undead would even deliberately destroy the
will of the deceased when they were resurrecting a powerful one, so that the reborn undead would be directly
obedient to the undead had who resurrected him. They would be just like a puppet, unable to think independently.
The reason why the other races were disgusted with the undead was precisely because their magic disrespected the
deceased..The merperson glanced at Qian Yuan lightly and said in a cold voice, “What is impossible? If you go further into the
Hidden Dragon Continent, you will naturally see many of the undead bone dragons. You will then know if I am
“What’s the name of the eight-winged golden dragon you’re talking about?” Asked Qian Yuan furiously.
The merperson thought for a moment, then slowly answered, “Long Yan.”
“It’s him?!” Qian Yuan’s expression changed greatly, as if he had suffered a huge blow.
“Do you know him?” Shen Yanxiao watched the abnormal reaction of Qian Yuan.
Qian Yuan’s face turned pale. His lips shivered slightly as he looked at Shen Yanxiao and replied, “Long Yan is my
king’s brother…”
Qian Yuan took a deep breath and continued, “There were two male eight-winged golden dragons in my king’s
territory. One was my king; the other was Long Yan. Long Yan was inferior to my king in strength, but he tried to
overthrow my king with a group of dragons; however, he was repressed by my king and expelled from his territory.
Then Long Yan occupied an area in the border area of our Hidden Dragon Continent. After that, I did not see him
again. If it’s Long Yan… maybe… maybe the merfolk is right.” Wian Yuan’s heart was somewhat gloomy. If there
were an eight-winged golden dragon among the dragons that could do such a thing, he feared Long Yan was the

only one.
Qian Yuan lowered his head; he was almost sure that what the merperson said was true. He had been following
Long Huang for a long time, and naturally knew the character of Long Yan.
“The king you spoke of is called Long Huang?” The merperson seemed to think of something when he heard the
words of Qian Yuan

“Yes.” Qian Yuan was in a terrible mood.
“Well, I would advise you that if you want to return to your original territory, you don’t have to. It was the area first
captured by Long Yan. Now it has been occupied by Long Yan’s men and the bone dragons.” The merperson said
with good intention.
“What? What about Her Highness Long Miao? And… and my king’s child, they…” Qian Yuan’s head was buzzing.
He simply couldn’t believe his own ears.
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