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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1718 – Merfolk Attack 2

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The unexpected fading of the tide and the silence around made Shen Yanxiao’s heart feel an ominous premonition.
Suddenly, a shrill and harsh sound permeated Shen Yanxiao’s brain, which did not come through hearing, rather it
seemed to directly penetrate her nerves and travel straight to her brain!
Her whole brain throbbed in pain from the sound.
Yang Xi, Vermillion Bird and the others also showed the same painful expression.
‘It’s the merfolk’s sound wave.’ Xiu’s voice echoed in Shen Yanxiao’s mind. And this slightly cold voice covered the
sound waves in Shen Yanxiao’s mind in an instant.
“Sound wave?” The pain subsided and Shen Yanxiao slightly gasped for air.
‘One of the few attacking skills of the merfolk. This kind of sound wave can’t be detected with the ears; it will
directly attack your brain.’ As Xiu’s voice rang in Shen Yanxiao’s mind, Shen Yanxiao’s body was immediately
covered by a faint light. The light then spread from Shen Yanxiao’s body to the trembling sky dragon beneath her,
also covering Yang Xi and others.

Under the cover of the light, the sound waves were completely blocked, and the pain disappeared from people’s
“What’s going on?” Yang Xi frowned. A moment ago, he thought his brain was going to blow up.
“It’s the sound waves of the merfolk. They really are trying to attack us.” Shen Yanxiao looked at Qian Yuan
standing on the back of the other sky dragon.
Qian Yuan was still resisting the merfolk’s sound waves, but he suddenly found that the harsh sound waves
suddenly vanished, and his body was covered by a faint light.
This light looked so familiar.
“Divine light?” Qian Yuan stared in surprise and couldn’t believe what he saw.
He had seen this light in the battle between gods and devils. Although the divine light he saw at that time was more
dazzling than this one, it was indeed a divine light.
Qian Yuan seemed to feel something. He turned his head in surprise and looked at Shen Yanxiao, who was not far
away, and the people around her. All of them were covered by the same faint light.
The sonic attack was nulled and voided. The merfolk lurking in the ocean sensed that their sound waves were being
blocked by a divine force.
This divine power made the merpeople extremely shocked.

“A god?” The soft voice of indistinguishable gender came from below the sea. In the next second, more than a
dozen beautiful merpeople rushed up from under the water. Each of them had a beautiful face that was
indistinguishable between men and women. Their long, slightly curly hair, like algae, hung wetly on their shoulders.
Their blue eyes were like the color of the ocean, and beads of glittering and translucent water hung on the body of
these merfolk.
It was Shen Yanxiao’s first time to see real merfolk. The merfolk with the same upper body as human beings were
full of beauty, but Shen Yanxiao knew very well that they swam under the sea not with two legs but with their

beautiful fishtails.
The merfolk who came out of the water wanted to find the source of the divine power, but before their eyes, only
three dragons and some magical beasts and human beings were there; they could not find the figure of the god.
“Which of you has the power of the god?” A beautiful merperson at the head of the group tilted his head, and his
jewel-like huge eyes were full of doubt.
Among these people, he felt the divine power of the gods, but he was sure that this divine power did not belong to
any of them.
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