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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1716 – Hidden Dragon Continent 3

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“Tweet?” A small fluffy head jumped out of Vermillion Bird’s hair.
“…” Shen Yanxiao stared at some “smuggled” little fellow and froze for a moment.
Since Little Phoenix used the Nirvana Fire, it had been taken care of by the Phoenix couple. So how come it came
out of Vermillion Bird’s body right now?
“Guji?” Another little fellow sprang out of Vermillion Bird’s hair.
“…” Shen Yanxiao was completely speechless. She narrowed her eyes at Vermillion Bird.
“Vermillion Bird, shouldn’t you explain to me how these two little imps came along?”
The situation of the Dragon Race was not clear to them and so she dared not bring Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon
with her.
Vermillion Bird shrank his neck and swallowed his saliva before saying, “I told them they couldn’t come, but these
two little ones were not happy and hopped over on their own…” In order to hide these two towed oil bottles , on
the way, he had been very careful to stay away from Shen Yanxiao. Unexpectedly, the two little ghosts jumped out

on their own as soon as they arrived in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Wasn’t that forcing his master to scold him?!
Seemingly aware of Shen Yanxiao’s discontent, the two rather intelligent little ones immediately put on their most
cute appearance. They stared at Shen Yanxiao with their watery big eyes and issued a spoiled sound.
Being stared at by two such pairs of huge, adorable eyes, Shen Yanxiao could not really get angry, even if she had a
stone heart.
“Forget it. We’re already in the Hidden Dragon Continent. I can no longer throw you back. You two have to stay
obedient and well-behaved.” Shen Yanxiao held her forehead helplessly. Vermillion Bird and Taotie were very
honest. Why were these two small rebels so rebellious?
Mini Dragon and Little Phoenix immediately stood upright, raising a small wing in all apparent seriousness, and
placing it on their small head, as if in a military salute.
Shen Yanxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.
“Guji!” Mini Dragon fluttered its wings on Vermillion Bird’s head. Shen Yanxiao naturally reached out and took it
over, after which she put it on her shoulder.
“Gu!” Standing on its own original position, Mini Dragon “awe-inspiringly” unfolded its two small fat wings that
were almost negligible at once, highlighting its own “majesty and domineeringness”.

“Is this a phantom dragon?” Qian Yuan looked at the two “stowaways”, and the appearance of Mini Dragon made
him quite curious.
“Yes, though it’s still young.” Shen Yanxiao raised her hand and scratched the tiny belly of Mini Dragon with her
fingers. Mini Dragon squinted its eyes at once and made a pleasant grunt.
“Young indeed, but of high rank.” Qian Yuan was also a dragon. Naturally, at a glance, he could see that Mini
Dragon was out of the ordinary.
Shen Yanxiao smiled and didn’t explain much. This little fellow was the son of the King of phantom dragons, Wings

of Death. His rank would certainly not be low.
In any case, Shen Yanxiao had seen after the beast tide ended that the two-headed phantom dragon summoned by
Yun Qi bowed his head down in front of Mini Dragon, an appearance of one paying respect.
“There seem to be no dragons here?” Yang Xi looked around. Although he was already in the Hidden Dragon
Continent, after sweeping his gaze around, he still did not see any other dragons.
“This is the edge of Hidden Dragon Continent. No Dragon will choose to live here. The areas of Hidden Dragon
Continent near the sea are connected with the sea where the Merfolk live. The merfolk and the dragons do not
concern themselves with each other. If the dragons settle down in this vicinity, they are likely to encounter those
merpeople, and neither side wants to encounter the other, so they will naturally avoid such contact.” Qian Yuan
opened his mouth with a smile. Having returned to the Hidden Dragon Continent, his mood was much better.
[1] actual meaning of this phrase is the children from ex-husband brought after remarriage. Know more here
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