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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1637

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"As soon as we come, you’re already thinking of destroying it. Little Xiao, you are becoming more and more unkind." Tang Nazhi laughingly looked at Shen Yanxiao. Although the Forgotten Traces had a great reputation, its combat power was very low. Except for those few desperate people who took refuge here, the other slave owners only had a fighting strength of five slags.

"If you don't like the idea, you can just watch on the sidelines when that time comes." Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow.

Tang Nazhi smiled mischievously.

"No, ah. How could I stop beating criminals? I am always a peaceful amba.s.sador who advocates justice." Stop kidding, how could he miss such an interesting thing? Looking at those fat slave owners, Tang Nazhi could not wait for the heavy sword in his hands to have "close contact" with that group of pigs.

"Well, I thought our purpose this time was to destroy the Broken Star Palace." Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi, who were planning to completely destroy the slave trade in the Forgotten Traces, and silently grabbed his forehead. Was there really nothing wrong with this bursting sense of justice?

"Big Brother Siyu said that if we want to go deep into the Forgotten Traces, we have to go through this area. Behind those goods at the top is the real entrance." Shen Yanxiao naturally did not forget the real purpose of their trip.

Strangely enough, people who lived in the Forgotten Traces seemed to have forgotten that the Forgotten Traces still had more area to use. Even though they were already crowded here, they did not have the desire to continue to expand inward.

A group of people circled around the end of the Forgotten Traces, but it was blocked by tall pavilions, which were totally impa.s.sable; the road ahead had also been blocked.

It was already noon; Shen Yanxiao and others rested in a humble restaurant. The small restaurant brought together many people who came to buy goods in the Forgotten Traces. Several waiters in dirty clothes were serving food without stopping. On their necks, one could see dark steel rings. Obviously, in a sense, these waiters were also slaves sold as commodities.

Qi Xia took advantage of the time when someone served food to them and began to talk with the waiter.

From the other person’s mouth, they learned that the people of the Forgotten Traces simply did not know that it extended further.

For the people here, the Forgotten Traces was only this large, and no one could tell what lay behind those pavilions.

It could be said that since the first group of merchants entered the Forgotten Traces, everything had already been planned like this.

Later, those who entered the Forgotten Traces quietly lived according to the original scheme.

"I feel that all of this was arranged beforehand by the Broken Star Palace. To hide their position, they probably have sealed the entrance in the Forgotten Traces at the very beginning, and created an illusion for the world." Qi Xia touched his chin. The first people to build houses, buy and sell in the Forgotten Traces were most likely members of the Broken Star Palace.

"So, what you mean is that the slave trade here is operated in secret by the Broken Star Palace; they acquiesced in this?" Tang Nazhi was somewhat dumbstruck. Although the people nowadays only talked so little about the Broken Star Palace, it was still considered the palace of human heroes from long ago.

Saying that these heroes were doing the slave trade in secret, it was unthinkable no matter how they struggled to consider.

"They are not good people, then. The dou qi and magic transplant, aren’t they forcibly depriving other powerful people of their strength?" Yang Xi gave a cold groan. He was quite disgusted with such a “respectable” organization.
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Table of Contents
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