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"Well, this young man said you saved his life." Shen Yanxiao forcefully smiled. Lan Fengli seemed not very friendly to anyone other than her. At best, he was indifferent to the people of The Rising Sun City. But for those who did not belong to The Rising Sun City, it could only be replaced by the word "ferocious".

Shen Yanxiao didn't feel anything at first, until the brutal slap of Lan Fengli which sent Su Feihuan flying just now. Only then did Shen Yanxiao realize that the att.i.tude of Lan Fengli towards her was extremely gentle and cordial as the spring breeze.

Su Feihuan got up from the ground and did not bother to pat the dust off his body. He immediately stood in front of Lan Fengli and said excitedly, "My benefactor! I finally found you…”

"I’ve never seen you, nor do I know you." Lan Fengli glanced at Su Feihuan coldly, and said in a tone that could freeze people.

Su Feihuan's expression was extremely heartbroken.

"My benefactor, why don't you remember me? Did you forget that you saved me half a year ago when you were in the Fengye Valley? If it hadn't been for you, I would have died under the claws of a magical beast.”

Lan Fengli squinted his eyes and said, "So noisy. Shut up."

"..." How could he be so noisy?! Su Feihuan wanted to cry very much. The benefactor he talked about often actually hated him so much.

"Tsk. Tsk. I’ve always thought Little Feng was very cruel, now I think he can’t be described by just the word cruel. He is simply sick and mad!" Tang Nazhi sat on the sidelines, watching the show. He touched his chin and looked at the cold side view of Lan Fengli and, suddenly, he felt that Lan Fengli was really polite to them on ordinary days.

"My benefactor, don't do this to me. I will shut my mouth once I finish this sentence. I really appreciate that you saved my life, so in order to repay you, please let me give my heart to you!” Su Feihuan stood in front of Lan Fengli stubbornly, seemingly completely unaffected by the words of Lan Fengli.

"Pu!" Tang Nazhi was really shocked by this astonishing "confession".

Shen Yanxiao also froze. What did he just say?

What exactly happened... What give his heart to him?

Young man, you are a man all right? My brother is a man too. Don't do that.

"Feihuan, Little Feng is a man." Shen Yanxiao kindly reminded him.

Su Feihuan nodded his head and said, "I know."

"You're a man, too." Shen Yanxiao stated.

"I am ah, no doubt about that." Su Feihuan said and even straightened his chest that didn’t have pectoral muscles.

"Then, what do you mean by giving your heart to Little Feng?" Shen Yanxiao asked between laughter and tears.

Su Feihuan answered solemnly, "I'll be a valet to my benefactor ah! My life will be in the hands of my benefactor. If the benefactor let me go east, I will never go west; if the benefactor let me go up the hill, I will never go to the sea!”

Shen Yanxiao silently grabbed her forehead. So, this "giving his heart" was originally like this, ah.

Lan Fengli frowned and did not want to see the noisy teenager at all. Instead of wasting time with such a person, he preferred to spend some time with Shen Yanxiao.

"Benefactor! You can use me at once!" Seeing Lan Fengli unresponsive, Su Feihuan made great efforts.

"Roll." A word from Lan Fengli dropped off ice slags which directly hit Su Feihuan's face.

"I'm not going away even if I die!" Su Feihuan was not afraid of death and once again rushed to Lan Fengli. The result was...

He was slapped away by Lan Fengli again, just like a kite with a broken thread.


Su Feihuan tragically hit against a pillar. He fell on the ground and unconsciously touched his forehead. Seeing the bright red blood on his fingertips, his eyes turned white and fainted.
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