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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1470

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Within the city, there were special cultivation towers specifically built to enhance one’s magic and dou qi. These also attracted a large number of experts. In order to break through to a higher realm, many people had chosen to join the army of the Barren Land.

For those who were striving to be higher and stronger, nationality no longer had any binding power. They needed a better platform, a wider world.

Nowhere was more suitable for them than the Barren Land.

Shen Yanxiao was sitting in the carriage. As they gradually approached The Rising Sun City, the crowds in various cities became more and more packed.

No place was not a lively scene.

When the carriage stopped in front of the gate of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao walked down from the carriage and stepped on her own land. She felt a peace of mind and pride in her heart.

The five animals walked behind Shen Yanxiao, and gave the leading position to the owner of this whole piece of land.

Shen Yanxiao walked closer, toward the gate of The Rising Sun City. It was obviously noon, but the gate of The Rising Sun City was locked. Just as she approached, without waiting for her to knock on the gate, the closed gate suddenly opened.

The moment the gate was opened, pieces of flower petals fell from above the wall. The petals fluttered, and cheers echoed through the sky in an instant!

"We respectfully welcome back our County Lord!" Organized and powerful voices came from within The Rising Sun City. From the gates of The Rising Sun City, countless humans and demons stood on both sides of the road. They lined up orderly, had their right hands on their chests with their upper bodies slightly lowered, and greeted their County Lord cheerfully and respectfully!

Shen Yanxiao was shocked as she looked at the scene in front of her. The clean road was sprinkled with pink petals. A cl.u.s.ter of flowers was placed on each side of the road, and their red color was like the beautiful sunset covering the earth.

Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth and looked at the familiar figures standing at the front, her eyes showing a smile from the bottom of her heart.

"I’m back."

She was back!

The Barren Land greeted its owner’s return!

All the people and demons straightened their backs and stood upright, but the fists placed on their chests still hadn’t been put down.

The left chest, which was the closest to the heart, represented their loyalty.

For nearly a year Shen Yanxiao was away, but they had never forgotten her existence. They had been working hard and had been fighting. They must mark every corner of the Barren Land with Shen Yanxiao’s name before the return of their County Lord, and then present this land to their Lord!

At this moment, The Rising Sun City was silent. Everyone closed their mouths with great consensus and used their eyes to watch their County Lord.

Solemn and respectful.

One step after another, Shen Yanxiao walked into The Rising Sun City, which was her first city. She had returned to her home, to her homeland.

Shen Yanxiao had never had such a strong sense of belonging.

Shen Yanxiao walked at the forefront while the other five people of Phantom followed closely behind, but they always kept a three-step distance from Shen Yanxiao.

No more, no less; indeed, only three steps.

The long road led directly to the City Lord Residence. From the gate to the City Lord Residence, the dense crowds were not spa.r.s.e in the least bit. Not even a drop could trickle through the crowd, yet there was not any noise.

When Shen Yanxiao took the last step on the stone stairs of the City Lord Residence, she turned around and looked at the crowd that had gathered at the square in front of the City Lord Residence.

Those pair of expectant eyes, those pa.s.sionate gazes, gave Shen Yanxiao a very incomparable feeling.

"The Rising Sun City, I’m now back!"
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