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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1472

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Just pull out one group of people from The Rising Sun City, and they could already crush all the imperial forces of the four countries in Radiance Continent!

How ferocious!

"Not only that, the seven wolves have already reached the peak of the Advanced Professional, and it is estimated that it will not be long before they can break through the Second Stage Profession." Qi Xia’s arms were crossed over his chest as he dropped another bombsh.e.l.l on Shen Yanxiao.

"Many members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps have also entered the realm of Advanced Professionals. After another two or three years, all of them should be promoted to a higher level. If the few of us don't exert effort like this, we fear that we will not be able to put a group of reckless youngsters like the lot of you in your places." Vicious Wolf rested his hand on Du Lang's shoulder and smiled.

"Little Jiu is already a Senior Pharmacist, and many Intermediate Pharmacists are still on the road to reach the senior-level." Tang Nazhi said.

Yin Jiuchen felt a bit shy and lowered her head.

Shen Yanxiao smiled slightly. Yin Jiuchen had a high pharmaceutical talent. However, to be able to break through to the Senior Pharmacist in such a short period of time, she must have invested a lot of time in pharmaceutics.

"It is mainly because the place is good. The rooms that the Lord has prepared for us are made of ore that enhances one's magic and dou qi. If we do not improve, it will be too shameful." Du Lang smiled and said. He had originally thought that he would remain a Senior Professional all his life, having no opportunity to advance again. He didn't expect that after following Shen Yanxiao for more than two years, he would quickly touch the threshold of the Second Stage Profession.

The people under Shen Yanxiao’s enemies could be said to have a hard-earned capital. On the contrary, the room of each of the Cave Wolves Mercenaries was made with extreme wealth, and was suitable for cultivating magic and dou qi.

It could be said that the cost of each of their rooms was about one million gold coins.

Only a local tyrant such as Shen Yanxiao was willing to take out so much money for her own people.

"Du Lang's side is not the only one which has improved. The progress of the demons is not small either. Little Tiny of Vicious Wolf's family is such an exotic flower. In just one year, it has evolved from a lower demon to a higher demon!" Tang Nazhi stared at Vicious Wolf with an incredulous expression on his face.

"Little Tiny?" Shen Yanxiao remembered. It seemed that between that little demon and Vicious Wolf, there was something...

"What ‘my family’ are you saying? Don't talk nonsense!" Vicious Wolf's stalwart face immediately revealed a blush, and his attempt to cover up something only made it more obvious.

"The demons have really evolved so fast?" Shen Yanxiao did not think that the advancement speed of the demons would actually be faster than Du Lang and others.

"It's only Little Tiny. The other demons have evolved from lower demons to middle demons, and there are only a few who have evolved from the middle to a higher level. Little Tiny's situation is very special." Du Lang explained.

Although the number was not large, it still verified the theory that the demons could evolve under the support of dark elements. And this was only within a year's time. If they were given a few more years, the middle demons under Shen Yanxiao were likely to rush to the level of higher demon.

That wasn't just ten thousand or twenty thousand higher demons!

That would be tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands!

Hundreds of thousands of Second Stage Professionals...

Pulling out such a number could definitely crush any organization on the Radiance Continent.

What Broken Star Palace? If one of them came, they would destroy one; if two came, they would destroy two!

"Where's Little Feng?" Shen Yanxiao swept her gaze around but did not find Lan Fengli's figure.

"Little Feng has not come back yet. I have already sent a pigeon messengers to him. I believe that he and the two Phoenixes should come back in a few days." Qi Xia said. Of the more than seven hundred high-level magical beasts of The Rising Sun City, at least half of them had been captured by Little Feng personally. After Shen Yanxiao left, Lan Fengli never returned to The Rising Sun City and used all his time and strength to expand the legion of Shen Yanxiao's magical beasts.
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