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The Elf King seemed to be already used to Wen Ya’s critical words and so ignored them.

"You have been around foolish humans for too long, and it made you less and less like an elf."

Wen Ya shrugged her shoulders and said, "From the very beginning, I was not a real elf. You should be very clear already that half of my blood is from the Human Race.”

"However, half of the blood in your body is from the Elves. Wen Ya, you grew up in the Moon G.o.d Continent. You belong here.” The Elf King sighed.

Wen Ya glanced at the Elf King, "How come I remember that you personally sent me away from the Moon G.o.d Continent and told me that this place does not welcome a mixed-race existence?”

"Sorry." The Elf King's eyes became gloomy.

"No need, I am nothing more than just your prisoner." Wen Ya directly refused the Elf King’s apology.

It was certainly hard to imagine that someone in this world would be so rude towards the Elf King.

"Wen Ya..." The Elf King looked very helpless.

"Wen Ya, stop before you go too far." Fen Chu warned, his face looking very cold. He now stood in between the Elf King and Wen Ya, and his hand was already holding the dagger on his waist.

Wen Ya sneered and raised her eyebrow at Fen Chu.

"What? The Commander wants to hit me?"

Fen Chu answered, "If you dare to talk like that to my king again, I don’t mind teaching you the proper etiquette that an elf should have once more.”

"Elf? Truly ridiculous." Wen Ya sneered.

The atmosphere between the three sides dramatically changed. It looked like at any time, someone would start hitting the other.

Shen Yanxiao was standing not far away. Although she could not hear the conversation between them, the confrontation between Fen Chu and Wen Ya had made the alarm in her heart ring.

"What is Fen Chu trying to do!" Shen Yanxiao clenched her teeth. If this icecube-faced man dared to do anything to her mother, she would surely not let him have an easy time later.

'Just wait and watch.’ Xiu who was inside Shen Yanxiao’s heart lake immediately tried to calm her down.

"But..." Shen Yanxiao’s heart was unceasingly anxious. Wen Ya’s strength could not be regarded as high. On the other hand, Fen Chu was the Commander of the Silvermoon Guards and was the only gold elf besides the Elf King. If Wen Ya were to fight with him, she would suffer.

'That mixed-race woman is not as weak as you think.'


While Shen Yanxiao was still at a loss, Wen Ya and Fen Chu had already started moving their hands.

One tall and one short figure in an instant intertwined together. The spark of lightning between them ignited the flames of war.

All the elves around that place were all frightened by what was going on in front of them.

That human being had actually picked a fight with the Chief Commander of the Silvermoon Guards!

This was simply unbelievable.

Everyone knew that Fen Chu was the number one expert in one elven family, and his strength was second only to the Elf King.

That female human who looked so fragile actually had the courage to challenge Fen Chu in a fight!

All the elves did not believe that the female human would be an opponent of Fen Chu, and so it was a surprise to them that while fighting with Fen Chu, Wen Ya was not in any disadvantageous position at all. Her attacks and defenses were so quick that it led one to be dazzled. Fen Chu did not even have the opportunity to gain any advantage!

Shen Yanxiao looked at her mother with amazement. She simply could not believe what her eyes were seeing. The strength of Wen Ya was actually...

So ferocious!

The brief exchange was already enough to surprise Shen Yanxiao. She was certain that Wen Ya’s strength was not below hers and she might even be…

Stronger than her?

Shen Yanxiao was utterly shocked. In her impression, Wen Ya had always been a gentle and fragile woman. She was an example of a good wife and a good mother. However, today proved to her that her mother was also a ruthless woman that would not concede to men!
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