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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1433

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Mother, did father know you were so formidable?

Shen Yanxiao silently lit a high incense pillar for her old man.

"Xiu, can you let me hear the dialogue between them?" Seeing Wen Ya and Fen Chu engaged in a fight, Shen Yanxiao was so anxious to hear some information. She did not want her mother to suffer even a little damage.

'Alright.' It could be said that as long as it was Shen Yanxiao, Xiu would grant whatever she asked.

Xiu spread his perception to Shen Yanxiao, after which Shen Yanxiao immediately heard Wen Ya's voice.

"Fen Chu, do you really think that because you are the commander of the Silvermoon Guards, you are invincible in the whole world?" Not only did Wen Ya fight hand to hand with Fen Chu, she even ridiculed him leisurely as well.

Shen Yanxiao really wanted to kneel in admiration before this seemingly gentle but actually ferocious mother of hers.

Fen Chu gnashed his teeth as he looked at Wen Ya. He did not expect that this mixed-race girl would be so strong!

After ten rounds of exchanging blows, he actually could not take a little bit advantage from Wen Ya’s hands!

Fen Chu had never encountered such a situation before.

"a.s.sistant Fen Chu! That's enough." The Elf King looked at the two, and seeing them getting more and more angry with each other, he could only reveal a helpless expression.

At the Elf King's call, Fen Chu immediately pulled away and opened some distance from Wen Ya.

As soon as Wen Ya landed on the ground, she patted the dust on her sleeves with her hand, and there was not a trace of exhaustion on her soft face.

"Fen Chu, let me tell you, other elves might be afraid of you, but I am not. So what if you are a gold elf? If I were not mixed-race, I would have already become the third gold elf of the Moon G.o.d Continent." Wen Ya arrogantly looked at Fen Chu. What about the commander of the Silvermoon Guards? Even if he were the Elf King, she would still not give him face.

In the world, aside from her husband Shen Yu, there was only one person who could let Wen Ya be willing to suffer, which was her daughter Shen Yanxiao.

Fen Chu looked at Wen Ya in astonishment.

Fen Chu did not have much of an impression of Wen Ya. Before Wen Ya’s mixed-race ident.i.ty was exposed, he only treated her like any ordinary elf. Later, she was selected by the Elf King as his wife, and then Wen Ya's ident.i.ty was exposed, which entirely made Fen Chu have some impression of the elf.

However, Fen Chu never thought in his dreams that Wen Ya’s strength would be so great.

"Fen Chu, Wen Ya's strength is very formidable. She is not as simple as you think." The Elf King sighed. It seemed that he had long been clear about the strength of Wen Ya.

"If you didn't have this kind of strength, would you have dared to sneak into the Moonshine City with an unconscious person? Wen Ya, I always knew that you were very courageous and very good at hiding. If you want, you can stay here in the Moon G.o.d Continent. I promise that no elves will hurt you."

Wen Ya looked at the Elf King and said, "You know what my purpose is. I only want to live freely, I won't come back."

There was a trace of disappointment at the bottom of the Elf King's eyes.

"What you've said just now, you have already said it many times. I have already made up my mind. You don't have to waste time in saying it again." Wen Ya was no longer willing to engage in such a dialogue. She had not known how many times she had listened to this kind of persuasion during her period of time in Moonshine City.

But she had a important thing in her heart, which was her husband, Shen Yu.

"I have already married Shen Yu, who was born as a Shen family's person and will die as a Shen family's ghost. My current ident.i.ty is an ordinary female human being, not the elf of the past." Her heart seemed like a boulder that could not be moved.

The Elf King frowned slightly as he looked at the stubborn Wen Ya, then he turned his head to Fen Chu and said,

"Fen Chu, take her back."
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