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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1431

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Wen Ya!

Shen Yanxiao’s heart beat violently. The impact brought by the phantom and the actual ent.i.ty were completely different. The kinship within her veins made her subconsciously wanted to walk over to her, but her rationality suppressed her instinct.

Shen Yanxiao suppressed her inner excitement with great effort and removed her gaze from Wen Ya.

"It has been hard on you all. For the Tree of Life to grow healthy and strong, it will all depend on your care." The Elf King smiled slightly. His smile was like a wild lily blooming on the edge of the cliff. Its beauty was no longer limited to gender.

All the Lady Saints were enchanted by this smile of the Elf King. There was simply no elf that could resist it.

This was the king of their hearts and the object of their faith.

"Wu Wu. If it can make the Elf King choose me, I will be very willing to have my life shorten by a hundred years." Shi Dan covered her chest with an expression of a lovestruck fool.

Shen Yanxiao cast her lips aside.

Was he really that good looking? Then wait until she saw how good-looking her family’s Xiu was.

As if reading the thoughts of Shen Yanxiao, Xiu, who was in her heart lake, slightly curved his lips upwards.

Shen Yanxiao also realized her thoughts just now and felt slightly shy in an instant.

Her family’s...

But it was true, so she should not feel ashamed, ah.

"Thank you, my King." The elves got up, but their eyes were still locked on the Elf King.

"You all can busy yourself. Don't worry about me, I just came to look around." The Elf King smiled and said.

The eyes of another group of lovestruck fools had turned heart-shaped.

There were countless beautiful men around Shen Yanxiao, plus this unscrupulous thief had now also dominated the most beautiful man in the entire world. Therefore, her immunity against beauty was already off the charts.

To the extent that she only looked at the beauty of the Elf King at the beginning, and then proceeded to attack the appearance of the Elf King in her heart the next second.

His eyes were not as deep as Xiu’s eyes, his nose was not as good-looking as Xiu’s nose, his lips was also not as nice as Xiu’s lips, his eyebrows didn’t look as good as Xiu’s eyebrows, and his figure could not compare to Xiu’s even more!

As soon as she thought of the faintly discernible eight pack abs of her family’s Xiu, Shen Yanxiao felt perfect.

Sure enough, the best thing to look at was still Xiu!

Since she had formed a "love relationship" with Xiu, Shen Yanxiao had already taken Xiu as her own possession. And in her eyes, all the male creatures in the world had become slag in the face of Xiu.

The elves started their work at the command of the Elf King, but all the Lady Saints began to maintain their bearing at the highest level. As soon as they lifted their hands and took a step with their foot, they all showed their most beautiful posture and displayed their best side in front of the Elf King.

They were like a group of male peac.o.c.ks, showing their own advantages as far as possible in order to win the favor of the opposite s.e.x.

Even Shi Dan, a little girl who had no tolerance on ordinary days, had begun to walk in small steps.

Shen Yanxiao felt that her performance in front of Xiu was simply too reserved!

"Truly too tender." Wen Ya, who seemed to be watching a play since the beginning, saw the performance of the group of little girls and was rather speechless.

The Elf King turned to look at Wen Ya, the mixed-race woman that had almost become his wife. His eyes were so gentle and soft that they were almost dripping with water, and the smile that could instantly kill all the elves once again bloomed in his mouth.

"They are still young."

Wen Ya seemed to have a strong immunity to this kind of lethal smile as her eyes did not show even a small ripple.

"If you don't come out and provoke their mood, I believe they will be much more normal."

Fen Chu slightly frowned; he did not like Wen Ya's att.i.tude towards the Elf King. But seeing the Elf King not saying anything, he could only silently guard at the side.
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