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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1413

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In some ways, Xiu and Taotie had something in common: the ability to devour.

Xiu could devour the power of the devils to destroy them completely, and Taotie could absorb the power of those he had swallowed.

‘He will never eat enough, but eating can let him reach the peak of his strength. Once he reaches the peak, he will break through the shackles of hunger and his real strength will erupt. He has the aura of a Holy Beast because he had absorbed some of the power of the Tree of Life, but this power was only enough for him to reach the threshold of the Holy Beast level. In order to turn into a genuine Holy Beast, he will need to replenish more energy. He is a magical beast that needs to be constantly recharged in order to be destructive. Once he has absorbed enough power, let alone a Holy Beast, he can even resist one or two of those Legendary Beasts.’ Xiu was very familiar with Taotie’s ability because Taotie was the only one in heaven and earth with the same attribute as him.

Only, the strength of Xiu had already reached the ultimate level. Apart from the Ruling G.o.d, there was no other power great enough to surpa.s.s him in the heavens or earth. Therefore, he was incapable of devouring things to absorb power. Taotie, however, did not know satisfaction, and the power he absorbed would also be quickly consumed after an outbreak.

It was equivalent to an ultimate weapon that needed to be recharged in order to launch a powerful attack.

"So powerful? You said that he’s still not a genuine Holy Beast yet? Could it be that the power of the Tree of Life is not enough for him to display the strength of the Holy Beast?" Shen Yanxiao took a glance at Taotie, who was immersed in gorging himself on food. It was hard to imagine this foodie actually had the potential to compete with the Legendary Beasts.

‘If Taotie continued to devour more power after swallowing a part of the Tree of Life, then he could become a Holy Beast. But you also heard him. He was locked up by the elves after he had just swallowed a piece of the Tree of Life. At that time, he had not fully absorbed the power of the Tree of Life yet. After he absorbed it, he was already suppressed. For more than a hundred years, he was not able to eat again, which caused him to enter a bottleneck in his growth. In the past one hundred years, the energy stored by him has been fully consumed. Now, at most, he can only display the peak strength of a Mythological Beast. It will take a while for him to reach the true level of a Holy Beast.’ Xiu patiently explained everything to Shen Yanxiao.

"Understood. I have been thinking about a problem. Before, we suspected that the source of pollution is the Tree of Life; is the wilting of the Tree of Life caused by pollution? The Elf King wants Taotie to swallow the withered part, is he already aware of the problem with the Tree of Life? And so he hopes to use the characteristics of Taotie to eliminate the pollution?" If this was the case, then the elves had a reasonable explanation for trapping Taotie here.

‘There is this possibility.’ Xiu agreed with Shen Yanxiao's speculation.

"Are the elves using Taotie as a savior? But they seem to use the wrong method, and I don't think Taotie would help the elves who had starved him for more than a hundred years." Shen Yanxiao propped her chin up. Taotie's thoughts were very simple. If the elves used food as bait and had a good talk with Taotie, there might be hope, but they had starved Taotie for more than a hundred years. For Taotie who was addicted to eating, perhaps even if you beat him to death, he would not help.

Shen Yanxiao was lost in contemplation. Her maternal ancestors were elves, and if she could, she did not want the elves to face their destruction.
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