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Sky: When I said advertise it I didn't meant it like this Aeter.

Xiu’s shot did not give them any leeway. As far as he was concerned, it was either he would not take any action, or he would directly kill his enemy.

The Lady Saint ident.i.ty of Yu Ying saved her life.

It could be said that Yu Ying’s injury was more deadly than the injury Shen Yanxiao had suffered.

Even if there were the fruit of the Tree of Life, it was feared that her injury would not be fully recovered without a long period of recuperation.

This would surely bring more problems to Shen Yanxiao.

After breaking Shui Miao, the Qingyuan Tribe was already furious. Now, Yu Ying was half dead and very likely, the Qingyuan Tribe would not be willing to take things lying down.

"An Feng, you know what? I regret it now very much. I regret letting Yan Xiao go out alone." An Yan looked at the closed door. She seemed to be talking to An Feng, but also appeared to be confessing her regrets to herself.

"I knew that Yu Ying’s methods would definitely not be that simple, but for the sake of the Moonshine Tribe’s safety, I chose to not stand next to Yan Xiao. I want to protect the Moonshine Tribe, I can't let the elves in this tribe suffer any damage. I have always regarded the safety of the Moonshine Tribe as my lifelong duty, but just then I regretted it.” An Yan’s tone had no ups and downs, but the emotions at the bottom of her eyes were like a monstrous waves.

"When Wen Ya had an accident, I was unable to help her. Now, Yan Xiao had an accident, and I still did not help her..." An Yan's mouth evoked a bitter smile. She was really not a good mother, nor a good grandmother.

An Feng wrinkled his brows. That matter about Wen Ya had always been a sore point in An Yan’s heart.

"If the Qingyuan Tribe still wants to make things difficult for Yan Xiao, I will definitely not make the same choice as today. An Feng, if I’m gone, the Moonshine Tribe will be under your protection." The fluctuations in An Yan's eyes condensed into a firm gaze in an instant.

She had devoted her whole life to the Moonshine Tribe. Her husband, her daughter, her granddaughter, she had not been able to protect any of them. Now she felt tired. She now only wanted to be An Yan, not the leader of the Moonshine Tribe.

An Feng clenched his teeth. He knew that for An Yan to say such a thing, she had already decided.

Above the sky, a gigantic firebird galloped at an astonishing rate.

In the blink of an eye, the firebird turned into a ball of fire and smashed into the Moonshine Tribe.

Vermillion Bird, with red flames on his entire body, ferociously rushed to An Yan’s side. He did not even look at the two elves standing at the door as he directly pushed the door open and entered!

As a contractual magical beast of Shen Yanxiao, he had clearly felt that Shen Yanxiao had suffered a tremendous damage. At that time, there was only one thought in his mind.

He wanted to see Shen Yanxiao!

Vermillion Bird whistled into the room and saw Shen Yanxiao lying in bed, his gaze then fell to the sheets covered with blood under her body.

A bang sound echoed in Vermillion Bird’s mind!

His pair of eyes instantly turned red!

He had never seen Shen Yanxiao suffer such a serious injury since he had met her.

In his heart, Shen Yanxiao was an unscrupulous and cunning master.

She had never let herself suffer, and she had never let her opponent hurt her in the slightest.

However, when Vermillion Bird saw the current situation of Shen Yanxiao, there was only one thought in Vermillion Bird’s mind!

Kill all the creatures that hurt Shen Yanxiao!

People, elves, no matter who, he would use his flames to burn them to ashes!

"Vermillion Bird?" Shen Yanxiao bore the all-eroding pain in her bones, and struggled to look at Vermillion Bird who was full of anger.

This one call let the tears in Vermillion Bird’s eyes burst in an instant.

Two threads of clear tears fell from the corner of the eyes of this domineering and arrogant Mythological Beast.
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