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Duan Yuan was very courteous as he brought Vermillion Bird, Shen Yanxiao, Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon to the City Lord Residence. The elves inside the City Lord Residence had very complicated expressions when they saw such a group of adorable creatures.

Duan Yuan arranged for them to rest in the lounge, and also had his men prepare tea and some fruits for them.

It was not that Duan Yuan was too hospitable; he was doing this because Vermillion Bird’s expression had always been unsteady. He was really afraid that this fiery Mythological Beast would burn his City Lord Residence down.

"Little Xue, accompany these guests and chat for a while, there are some things I need to take care of." Duan Yuan was very decisive to drag out his daughter to keep them company. Even if the temper of this Mythological Beast was big, it was still not good to curse at a weak female elf, right?

"Yes, father." Duan Xue obediently nodded her head.

Duan Yuan immediately left. He must use the shortest time to find out the details about Shen Yanxiao.

In the lounge, Duan Xue sat in a chair while looking at the four adorable bubbling little ones across her.

While Duan Xue was looking at them, Shen Yanxiao was also looking at Duan Xue in secret.

So this was the elf that had fallen victim to her Third Uncle?

Shen Yanxiao quietly looked at Duan Xue all over again. To be quite honest, the appearance of Duan Xue in the elves’ standards could only be considered within the middle, but she won when it came to temperament.

She was just sitting quietly there, with a slight smile on her lips, but it made people feel very comfortable.

There were not many women that Shen Yanxiao had interacted with. If they were not a loli, they would be an elder sister type. It was really quite rare to come into contact with such a soft-tempered woman.

Duan Xue gave her the feeling of gently flowing water in general.

"My name is Duan Xue. What about you guys?" Duan Xue still had a gentle smile on her face as she watched Shen Yanxiao.

"Chirp~?" Little Phoenix’s action of tilting its head sideways could be considered as a form of greeting, while Mini Dragon’s grumble could be regarded as giving her a great deal of face.

Meanwhile, Vermillion Bird did not respond at all.

Shen Yanxiao let out a sigh and said to Duan Xue, "My name is Yan Xiao."

The smile on Duan Xue’s face bloomed like a touch of sunshine in the cold winter, melting the ice and snow.

"Yan Xiao? You are an elf of the Moonlight Tribe? I have always admired Grandmaster Liang Qiu of the Moonlight Tribe. He is a genius among the Enchanters. Unfortunately, he is far away in a black-level city. I am just a white elf who can’t get what I desire."

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head as a response. Duan Xue’s words did not cause her a little trace of alienation, she was like a gentle big sister next door in general.

"You actually pa.s.sed the selection exam of the Silvermoon Guards at a young age. It must have been very hard, right? When I was your age, I was still a little fool who didn’t understand anything. I am aware that I am even until now behind my father all the time. You, on the other hand, are already independent; you even entered the Silvermoon Guards, which is really amazing." Duan Xue’s voice was very soft. Although she spoke a lot of words of praise, it did not let Shen Yanxiao feel any trace of hypocrisy.

This elf really had a unique charm that belonged only to her.

Shen Yanxiao seemed to understand why her Third Uncle would take a huge risk just to hook up with Duan Xue.

Such a gentle and soft woman, which man would not be tempted by her?

Not to mention her family's well-known dissolute Third Uncle?

The most rare thing was, Duan Xue’s pair of eyes were very clear, her every word and each of her expressions was very sincere, without a little bit of falsehood.

A naturally gentle woman always made people feel soft-hearted.

It was the first time for Shen Yanxiao to interact with a female of such temperament. Even if Shen Yanxiao was not saying much, Duan Xue could still chat with Shen Yanxiao for a while, without any awkward silence occurring.
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