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Duan Yuan was pointed at the nose and cursed at by Vermillion Bird, and he had no choice but to suffer in silence.

How could he possibly know that the relationship between this Mythological Beast and this elf was so good that he would send a large number of gemstones to the elf’s hands?

There could not be any suspicions in Vermillion Bird's words. After all, magical beasts were originally creatures that could walk through various continents freely. The laws of the elves could not control magical beasts, and there was no clause that prohibited magical beasts from giving gifts to the elves.

Magical beasts had always liked to live on the Radiance Continent. A Mythological Beast, such as Vermillion Bird, had a high status in the Radiance Continent. It would not be a problem for him to acquire a mountain of gold or a mountain of silver. Now, he said that he had given away his gemstones to an elf. Even though it sounded very shocking, it did not violate any law of the elves whatsoever.

"This..." Duan Yuan helplessly looked at Vermillion Bird. Why didn't he know when the relationship between the Mythological Beasts and the elves became so good?

Shen Yanxiao seemed to see what stuck in Duan Yuan’s mind. She looked at Duan Yuan with a sweet smile and said, "The City Lord need not be nervous. Its temper is just a little bit hasty. I was an orphan, and later was lucky enough to be adopted by it. Not long ago, I left the forest and entered the town. The gemstones were the gifts that it had given me. I didn’t have any money at the time and could only use these gemstones to trade for crystal coins. I think there must be some misunderstanding about this matter.” Shen Yanxiao’s voice was very gentle, so that it strongly contrasted with the screaming of Vermillion Bird.

What she said was also sensible and reasonable; there was no way to find any mistake from her statement.

All of this was planned by Shen Yanxiao at an earlier time.

Even if they were skeptical and wanted to investigate her ident.i.ty, she was not worried at all.

Before she entered Fragrant Night City, she did not appear in any city, which supported the fact that she had been adopted by Vermillion Bird before.

Furthermore, it was Mo Yu who took her away from Fragrant Night City. As for the following events, Mo Yu, Mo Feng, and the rest could testify for her. The elves of the advanced training camp were also very clear that she had never had any tribes before. The Moonlight Tribe elves could also prove this fact.

Even if Duan Yuan dug three feet underground, he would not be able to find any wrong place.

"It turned out to be like this. It seems that it is really a misunderstanding. Why don’t you go inside the residence to rest first? I'll go instruct someone and see how things work out." Of course, Duan Yuan would not be that easy to deceive either. He believed it for the most part, but still held a certain skepticism for Shen Yanxiao’s remarks.

Therefore, he must send his men to investigate one thing or two.

Shen Yanxiao knew that Duan Yuan was trying to keep them steady for a while so that he could free his hands to investigate her ident.i.ty.


Even if he went to check things out, she was not in the least bit worried.

Vermillion Bird still wanted to say a few words, but he received a meaningful glance from Shen Yanxiao, hence he immediately swallowed a set of words that had long been brewed up inside his stomach.

"Fine, considering my family’s little girl’s face, I will temporarily give you a chance to explain." Vermillion Bird said arrogantly, but his heart was feeling extremely pleased.


He could finally call Shen Yanxiao little girl so blatantly!

He had been letting this fella bully him every single day!

Now was the time for him to turn things over and be the master!

"Then please, let’s go inside." Duan Yuan smiled and said.

Vermillion Bird snorted and beckoned towards the big tree on the side.

Two small and adorable figures leapt down from a branch of the tree and then hopped to Vermillion Bird’s side gladly and diligently.

As soon as Vermillion Bird waved his hand, Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon were already lying on his stomach.

Just to make himself appear more domineering, he did not put these two stuffed toys on his body.
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