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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1303

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On the other end, Shen Yanxiao had been led to her room by Elder Yue. But after Elder Yue opened the door, Shen Yanxiao was thoroughly petrified.

Inside the very s.p.a.cious room, one crystal flower after another blossomed into beaded curtains; exquisite little wind chimes, which issued crisp sounds with the breeze blowing, hung at the door. Images of b.u.t.terflies made of pink crystal adorned the walls of the room, vivid and lifelike.

The pink milky stones covered the soil under her feet; there was also a beautiful white wooden table, white chairs, white dressing table, white huge bed...

In the whole room, aside from pink there was only white; everywhere gave off a strongly girlish atmosphere.

Shen Yanxiao remained silent as she looked at this girly room filled with pink bubbles floating around. It was as if her strong heart had suffered the blow from a man's fist.


Too much loli!

This room was girlish to the extreme, so that Shen Yanxiao felt discomfited all over.

In some sense, Shen Yanxiao was not a bit like a young woman, much less a loli.

“Do you like it? Jing You went to consult the elves of several tribes and combined the preferences of the female elves to create a room for you.” Elder Yue did not notice the trace of a crack on Shen Yanxiao's small face. Even since then, the Moonlight Tribe had only consisted of male elves. It was the first time that they had a female elf in their family. Without the guidance of a female elf, they could only ask and learn from others without feeling ashamed.

Elder Yue was rather very satisfied with this room. Pink and delicate, how lovely ah!

"I... like..." Rubbish! Shen Yanxiao silently swallowed the next words. In any case, this was still the room that the Moonlight Tribe elves carefully arranged for her. It was a bit too shameless if she acted choosy and picked another room.

Pink it is then!

At worst, this small grandpa will also just turn into a little pink loli!

Shen Yanxiao’s heart was crying, but on the surface, she was smiling.

She did not want to see the disappointed expressions of these pa.s.sionate and sincere elves.

Anyway, a room was just a dwelling place for her!

Pink, white, black, or colorful... she could live, whatever the color was!

"It's good that you like it. Just take a break for a while. I'll let Wu En and others prepare what they gave you properly. If you like something, take it; if not, don't force yourself to accept. I'll ask them to bring it to you later so you can pick anything you like yourself. You have to remember that you are already a member of the Moonlight Tribe, you don't have to be too reserved and don't need to be so polite. We are your grandfathers. What's with being so polite to your own grandfather?” Elder Yue looked at Shen Yanxiao with a smile. He was truly feeling happy.

He was happy that the Moonlight Tribe finally had some fresh blood, and such an excellent bit to boot. There was no need to worry about dishonoring the reputation of the Moonlight Tribe.

After a hundred years, they might not be here anymore, but as long as Shen Yanxiao was still on the Moon G.o.d Continent, the Moonlight Tribe would not disappear.

"Thank you." Shen Yanxiao’s voice was somewhat hoa.r.s.e, there was a trace of guilt in her heart. If she were really an abandoned elf, faced with the good treatment of Elder Yue and others, perhaps she would really be grateful from the bottom of her heart and stay in the Moonlight Tribe forever.

However, she was very clear that she would one day leave the Moon G.o.d Continent and return to the Radiance Continent. After she left, the elves of the Moonlight Tribe would definitely be in sorrow.

Shen Yanxiao was sometimes very rational and also very black-bellied, but after confronting her heartfelt feelings, she was willing to think things over for the sake of these old elves.
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