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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1285

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Early in the morning, the elves who would take the exam gathered at the examination site where a team of elves wearing Silvermoon Guard badges stood neatly in the sunlight, with silver light armor that was particularly striking under the sun.

The elves in this batch taking the exam were only over twenty. They stood side by side nervously, watching the elves of the Silvermoon Guards.

"Strange? Yan Xiao, she won't come today?" One of the elves who would partic.i.p.ate in the exam looked around, but did not find the little aberrant figure.

Since Shen Yanxiao went into seclusion in the Pure Spirit Tower; they had only seen her when she was looking for a pa.s.s from Qie Er. Four months ago, Shen Yanxiao got the last pa.s.s. They hadn’t seen her for four months now.

All the elves were curious as to how far Shen Yanxiao’s strength had grown.

An Ran’s strength in this group of elves was second only to Shen Yanxiao. Before the end of the training period, he had already rushed to the fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. Unfortunately, he was not allowed more time. He still hadn’t cultivated on the fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower for two days when the exam had already arrived.

"I don't know. I didn't see her in the morning, she probably won’t come." Because of Qie Er’s change in "att.i.tude", these elves treated Shen Yanxiao and An Ran much better.

"She must come, ah. I am waiting to see how ferocious she has gotten!"

"I think it’s this exam which is ferocious. I heard that no one had pa.s.sed the exam in the preceding few periods. It seems that the test standard of the Silvermoon Guards has improved. Apparently, not a single elf has been able to enter in the last six months." A well-informed elf immediately reported the latest news he had learned.

"No way? They increased it? In the previous exam, only one or two elves could pa.s.s just the first phase. If they improved it again, who can pa.s.s it now, ah!"

After learning such news, a group of elves immediately resembled frosted eggplants, very listless.

As everyone knew, the Silvermoon Guard’s selection exam was notoriously abnormal. Even though they were all elites among the black elves, every batch of elves who took the Silvermoon Guard’s exam would always be cut down in large numbers.

The elves who wouldn’t be chosen for the Silvermoon Guards would be a.s.signed to work in other cities.

They were better than ordinary black elves. At most, they would be dispatched to black-level cities, and it would not have too much impact on them.

The ones that would be miserable were those in the primary training camp as they might be a.s.signed to a poor area like the Moonlight Coast.

"I’m not hoping for too much, just letting me stay in a black city is already okay. I’ll just treat these six months as a refresher course." Unexpectedly, some elf adopted a lighthearted perspective.

In fact, there were many elves in the advanced training camps who had this kind of idea. The selection of the Silvermoon Guards had always been rigorous. They still had self-awareness and knew that it would be very difficult for them to be selected. But even if they were not selected, they could continue to work in the black-level cities. It was no different from before. On the contrary, just like in the half a year of advanced training camp, they could still get some improvement.

Now the selection requirements for the Silvermoon Guards had increased again, and almost all the elves had completely given up their hope of joining.

Only one elf still had eyes like torches and were full of firmness.

An Ran stood by the side, looking at the elves of the Silvermoon Guards and secretly clenching his fists.

No matter what, he had to enter the Silvermoon Guards! No matter how difficult the exam was, he must get through it!
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