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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1196

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When the door was opened, a gentle light came out from behind the door, and the elves standing in front of the door immediately felt a powerful force.

This power made them feel unusually excited, because this was the power of the Tree of Life, their roots!

The elves, who were the most familiar with this power, were immediately tempted.

What made them even more surprised was that they were just standing at the door, yet they could already feel the strong surge of power.

It was necessary to know that the places where the power of the Tree of Life was the most powerful except for the Moonshine City were the black-level cities. They had never imagined that in the advanced training camp, there was actually such a tower that contained a power of the Tree of Life that was stronger than what could be found in a black-leveled cities.

The elves showed a shallow smile as they felt astonished and pleasantly surprised.

However, on Qie Er's face, there was not a little hint of joy, only some seriousness.

"Follow me." With a cold face, Qie Er took the lead and went in.

The elves in the back could barely wait to go forward.

Walking at the end of the team was An Ran and he was also attracted by this abundant power, but when he was about to follow, Shen Yanxiao quietly pulled his sleeves.

"Be careful." Shen Yanxiao reminded him with a voice only the two of them could hear and then went inside.

An Ran was slightly stunned. But although he did not quite understand Shen Yanxiao’s meaning, he still paid more attention in his mind.

When all the elves stepped into the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, the opened door closed in an instant.

A mist shrouded the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. There was not a single decoration in the entire first floor; there was only one stout tree trunk growing in its center. It went straight from the ground to the ceiling.

After entering the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, all the elves felt the unprecedented power of the Tree of Life flowing in the air around them.

This strong force was even ten times stronger than what they had felt when they were at the door!

Almost all the elves boiled with excitement at this moment. Almost without hesitating, they directly sat down on the ground, trying to absorb the strong and incredible power of the Tree of Life.

Qie Er looked coldly at the movements of these elves and said nothing.

But he noticed that there were two elves in the room who didn't start cultivating.

Shen Yanxiao and An Ran, the two special existences of this group, were not as eager to absorb the power of the Tree of Life as other elves. They just stood by and observed everything around them.

As soon as Shen Yanxiao stepped into the first floor, she already felt the powerful force coming from Tree of Life, but at the same time, Xiu’s voice sounded in her mind, ‘Don’t rush to absorb these forces.’

Xiu’s voice made Shen Yanxiao stop all her movements; she stood by and looked at everything in front of her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Shen Yanxiao asked inwardly.

‘The power here is tremendous, it’s not something you can afford to absorb right now.’ Xiu’s voice carried a little hint of caution.

Shen Yanxiao remembered what Qie Er had said before, and immediately understood the meaning of Xiu. She did not immediately absorb these forces, but stood on the side and carefully observed the large amount of steam that permeated the room.

Shen Yanxiao did not move. An Ran also did not dare to move. Somehow, his cordial feeling for Shen Yanxiao made him subconsciously listen to Shen Yanxiao's words; hence, he didn’t act blindly without thinking.
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