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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1151

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Suddenly, a black shadow flashed by; Shen Yanxiao immediately moved to dodge it, but the next second, that black shadow directly pa.s.sed over the place where Shen Yanxiao had just stood and directly hit the little elf's shoulder.

The little elf groaned and a small stone fell on the ground.

Shen Yanxiao was slightly stunned. It was now clear to her that the target of this stone attack from the beginning was the little elf.

After that, a few more stones flew from above them, and the target was still the little elf. Shen Yanxiao’s figure immediately rushed to the little elf. She then stretched out her arms and pulled the girl into her bosom, protecting her from the stone attack.

"Who is it?!" Shen Yanxiao looked at the numerous stones that fell on the ground where the elf had stood before, and she was very annoyed.

The elves’ temperament was cold, but they were unlikely to go so far as to do this kind of hostile thing to a child of the same kind. Yet, she and the little elf had just met for a while and she had already encountered a couple of elves that were hostile to the little elf.

After Shen Yanxiao’s loud shout, several young elves poked their heads out of the dense branches and leaves of the big tree at their side. Each of them was very delicate and handsome, but there was no expression on their faces. Their green eyes were full of disdain and disgust.

"You shouldn't be with such an elf. She’s not a good elf." A young elf, who seemed to be only eleven or twelve years old, stood on a branch of the tall tree and looked coldly at Shen Yanxiao and the trembling little elf in her arms.

"Oh? Why?" Shen Yanxiao asked with a cold smile.

"The Moonshine Tribe is a traitor to the elves. Their tribe colluded with humans and destroyed the peaceful world belonging to the elves. She is a traitor to the elves. If you are with her, you will also be treated as a traitor!" Another young elf poked his head out of the branch of the tree, emitting a strong hostility towards the little elf.

Shen Yanxiao slightly knitted her brows. If the attacker were an adult elf like Bin Dong, she could shoot back at them without any hesitation. But facing such a group of young elves, Shen Yanxiao felt rather helpless.

They were still so young, why were they so hostile to the little elf at her side?

"We... We are not traitors, Uncle Yu is a good man, he has not hurt any elves." The little elf was behind Shen Yanxiao and was being protected by her. Listening to the accusations of her kin, she tried to summon some courage to defend herself.

Uncle Yu?

A golden light suddenly flashed in Shen Yanxiao's mind. Shen Siyu once said that her maternal grandmother was an elf of the Moonshine Tribe. When her mother Wen Ya was born in the Moon G.o.d Continent, Wen Ya’s elf blood was more dominant, so before her adulthood, no one among the elves had suspected that she was a mixture of a human and an elf. It was not until Wen Ya’s adulthood that her human blood finally awakened, and the elves of the Moon G.o.d Continent discovered some anomalies.

After that, Shen Yanxiao’s mother could not continue living in the Moon G.o.d Continent. She could only go to the Radiance Continent where she met Shen Yu, Shen Yanxiao’s father.

After seeing Wen Ya’s phantom in her body, Shen Yanxiao always suspected that Wen Ya was still alive. She once tried to ask for news about her mother from Shen Siyu, but Shen Siyu had avoided talking about her.

Shen Yanxiao’s heart had been questioning whether her parents were still alive.

Were they hiding their whereabouts for some reason?

Could it be that they were here, in the Moon G.o.d Continent?

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