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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1112

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Senior Brother Qian died without an intact corpse. The remaining people from the Broken Star Palace were simply not the opponents of Phantom, and so a unilateral slaughtering was unfolded in an instant. Pretty soon, more than ten dead bodies lay on the ground.

Phantom achieved the victory. As Shen Yanxiao said, not one of the people from the Broken Star Palace that had entered Twilight City had been able to walk away alive.

After this battle that broke out in Twilight City, the name “Phantom” quickly spread throughout the entire city.

After the pavilion had collapsed, it was simply no longer possible for people to continue staying in it. Hence, after Shen Yanxiao had solved all the problems, she temporarily moved the people of The Rising Sun City to an inn in Twilight City.

During this time, Luo Fan had also hurriedly left the Twilight City.

Meanwhile, Elder Wen hid inside the City Lord Residence. And the citizens of Twilight City looked at the people of The Rising Sun City with eyes full of awe.

Shen Yanxiao suffered internal injuries and rested in the inn. The five animals also suffered a certain amount of damage, but there was not any major problem. It could be said that they had paid a small price to solve a huge crisis.

But even after the crisis was temporarily averted, no one felt relaxed.

The attack of the Broken Star Palace today had been an alarm for Shen Yanxiao. Although they had escaped the dangers this time, they also clearly understood that the Broken Star Palace was an organization that would completely settle their grudges. Even though they had completely killed the people sent by the Broken Star Palace today, they knew that this news would soon be pa.s.sed to the Broken Star Palace, and by then, they were likely to face more suppression.

It was already very dangerous for them to stay in the Twilight City. Shen Yanxiao had planned to immediately return to The Rising Sun City after two days.

Only in her own territory could she really fully fight off the a.s.sault of the Broken Star Palace.

Long Fei and Long Xueyao came to visit Shen Yanxiao when she was recuperating. For the matter regarding the Broken Star Palace, Long Fei did not ask too much. It was just that the strength of the Broken Star Palace was really formidable. This time, each of the more than thirty Second Stage Professionals they had sent had indeed fallen, but in the next attack, they would definitely send more people.

No one knew how many people there were in the Broken Star Palace. This time, Shen Yanxiao had luckily evaded the disaster, but in the future, it might not be so easy.

Two days later, the team from The Rising Sun City was finally about to return to their own city. Elder Wen avoided them by any means, leaving only Duan Hen with a team of guards to send Shen Yanxiao and her people off.

On the way back to the city, Vermillion Bird, this child, encountered hardship once again due to his motion sickness. On their journey to Twilight City, Shen Yanxiao had already given him a lot of medicine to prevent his motion sickness, and now all the medicine had been used up. Therefore, Vermillion Bird could only vomit all the way back. Shen Yanxiao tried to make him return to her body, but the proud child would rather die from vomiting.

"After this time, a lot of things have to be put on the agenda." Shen Yanxiao sat in the carriage, patting Vermillion Bird's back with one hand while looking at the five animals and Lan Fengli who squeezed themselves in her carriage.

Her time was very tight. Before they arrive in The Rising Sun City, they must have already come up with appropriate preparations for everything.

"Are you talking about the plan to capture magical beasts?" Qi Xia raised an eyebrow. It could not be said that they had returned full of rewards from their Twilight City journey this time. And their biggest loss was the magical beasts of the more than eighty members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

"Yes, I was planning to let just Little Feng and the two phoenixes work together, but there is not enough time with only the three of them. That’s why, Qi Xia, you must help me. Tell your grandfather to purchase magical beasts in the Long Xuan Empire with all his strength, both high and low levels. It is necessary to equip everyone in The Rising Sun City with a magical beast as soon as possible." The strength of The Rising Sun City could, to a certain degree, be described as extreme given the tyrannical strength of the Phantom. But below them, there were too few people who really had a great strength. In the event that they engaged in a war, it was likely that they would have insufficient strength.
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