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Elder Wen and Luo Fan’s faces were very ugly. They had never thought that today’s result would be like this. The ten Second Stage Professionals and above from the Broken Star Palace had actually been killed by Shen Yanxiao and that mysterious youth.

That was nine Second Stage Professionals, and one Second Stage Great Professional!

It was hard even for a powerful country to bring out such a lineup. To think that this nearly invincible lineup had all been killed before their eyes by Shen Yanxiao, Vermillion Bird, and Lan Fengli, without leaving even a single one alive.

Elder Wen felt a cold chill pour into his whole body. His contempt and disgust for Shen Yanxiao instantly turned into a frigid potion that streamed through his eight extraordinary meridians.

What kind of terrifying girl was she? At the age of fourteen, she had already broken through the second stage realm of cultivation; she had also signed a contract with the Mythological Beast Vermillion Bird. At her side, not only were there five young and promising Second Stage Professionals, but there was also a super Killing G.o.d who was capable of killing nine experts just by himself.

His displeasure and hatred were turned into a guilty conscience and fear under such a dreadful scene. Right now, Elder Wen regretted his choice to make an enemy out of Shen Yanxiao. For what reason did he insist on getting on her bad side again and again? What was the significance of his discrimination against her?

She even dared to kill the people from the Broken Star Palace; what of him, only an elder from the Seven Kingdoms?

Elder Wen’s face was completely ashen. He cursed Geng Di a thousand times in his heart. If it wasn't for Geng Di pa.s.sing his hostility towards Shen Yanxiao to him, he would have never formed a hatred towards such a terrible, aberrant being.

He actually wanted to go against Shen Yanxiao with just him?

That was simply a joke. Even the Broken Star Palace could not enter Shen Yanxiao’s eyes, so what could he count as?

Elder Wen was trembling under great fear. He could not wait to disappear from the hall immediately.

Looking at the back of Shen Yanxiao, he had been wanting to say something to ease the atmosphere a few times, but he never dared to speak.

But Shen Yanxiao did not put him in her eyes. After dealing with the ten people from the Broken Star Palace, she immediately turned to look at Vermillion Bird and Lan Fengli, then said, "Let’s go to Qi Xia and the others to see their situation." The people sent by The Broken Star Palace were divided into two teams; one was to deal with her, and another one was to go to the pavilion they were staying in.

Just to deal with her alone, the Broken Star Palace had already sent ten people; she did not know what the situation of the five animals would be.

"Yes." Vermillion Bird and Lan Fengli immediately nodded. Vermillion Bird rushed out of the City Lord Residence at the first instant. His body rapidly enlarged outside the gate, after which Lan Fengli and Shen Yanxiao immediately jumped onto its back as they rushed toward the pavilion.

Until the three figures disappeared before the eyes of everyone, the hall of the City Lord Residence remained dead silent.

Long Fei and Long Xueyao were worried for Shen Yanxiao's safety. They said their farewell to Elder Wen and Duan Hen before they hurriedly left.

In the huge hall, there were only Elder Wen, Duan Hen and Luo Fan whose faces were as gray as the dead.

They looked at the ten bodies lying on the floor of the hall and couldn't speak for a long time.

"Elder Wen..." Luo Fan opened his mouth after a long while, but before he could finish his sentence, Elder Wen interrupted him,

"No need to say more. You should now quickly leave from the Twilight City." Elder Wen did not want to get any more involved with the grudges between Luo Fan and Shen Yanxiao.

"Why should Elder Wen be so afraid? The Four Nations Agreement is still here. Shen Yanxiao cannot touch you." Luo Fan's expression was very unsightly. Not being able to see Shen Yanxiao's head separated from her body, he hated it more than anyone else.
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