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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1097

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The battle between the Broken Star Palace and the Phantom was still going on. Meanwhile, in the City Lord Residence of Twilight City, the battle between Shen Yanxiao and Senior Brother Zhou had also begun.

Senior Brother Zhou was a Second Stage Professional Great Swordmaster. His attacks were about speed; continuous attacks without rest was his specialty.

If Shen Yanxiao were a Warlock or a Second Stage Professional Summoner right now, even with Senior Brother Zhou’s strength, she would have many ways to slow down the attack speed of Senior Brother Zhou; but the problem now was that Shen Yanxiao’s Warlock cultivation had deteriorated to Senior-level, which had a three level gap with the Second Stage Great Profession. A three-level gap was already bad, almost all of her Warlock curse techniques could not produce too much effect on Senior Brother Zhou. The only thing she could rely on at present was her Second Stage Professional Magic Archer ident.i.ty.

However, the Magic Archer also needed to open a certain distance from their opponents in order to be able to have an advantage in a fight. But with Shen Yanxiao’s current speed, which could not compare with Senior Brother Zhou’s, it was almost impossible to open the distance between them.

Although Shen Yanxiao had Vermillion Bird’s help, Vermillion Bird was a fire magical beast, and his attack was mainly focused on flames with high bursts of damage. Even though this damage could hit the opponent hard, it was still unlikely for it to slow down the opponent's speed. Moreover, Vermillion Bird's current strength was not at the peak. It was not that simple to break the high defense of a Great Swordmaster.

Lan Fengli was trapped by the other eight Second Stage Professionals. The eight people utilized the coordination between their professions, only sending the Paladin in front of Lan Fengli to block him while the Magisters and Magic Archers carried out remote attacks against him.

The Paladin was shrouded with the Sacred Shield of the Archpriests; hence, it was not a big problem for him to resist the hard attacks of Lan Fengli. There were two Archpriests on the side of the Broken Star Palace, so the moment Lan Fengli completely broke the Sacred Shield on the Paladin, they could re-cast it instantly.

Lan Fengli could not kill the group of people in front of him. However, the dragon blood in his body also made his defense reach a very high point. Therefore, the Magisters and Magic Archer’s attacks had very little effect on him. Even for the Swordmasters, it would be difficult for them to break his defense.

The situation on both sides was in such a deadlock; no side could beat the other side instantly.

However, the people of the Broken Star Palace were exactly stalling for time. The eight of them hindered Lan Fengli, this Killing G.o.d, from taking further actions while their Senior Brother Zhou was dealing with Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird, and once his hands were free again, he would join them to deal with Lan Fengli.

Lan Fengli’s eyes were full of killing intent. Seeing Shen Yanxiao and Senior Brother Zhou fighting, he could not wait to rush past their barricade and get to Shen Yanxiao’s side to protect her.

But every time he would fly toward the Paladin in front of his eyes, the Swordmasters behind the Paladin would immediately force him back to his original place, and then let the Paladin come back again to block.

This forceful binding practically made Lan Fengli go into berserk mode.

Over on that side, Shen Yanxiao’s situation was not optimistic. Senior Brother Zhou seemed to have found Shen Yanxiao’s weakness. Holding a long sword while speeding up his attacks, he did not give Shen Yanxiao a chance to pull away. When Vermillion Bird attacked, he would avoid it in the shortest possible time, and then continue his actions once again.

The gap between the Second Stage Professional and the Second Stage Great Professional was hugely magnified. At this moment, Shen Yanxiao’s brows were tightly wrinkled. Suddenly, Xiu’s voice sounded in her mind:

‘Do you need me to get rid of him?’

Shen Yanxiao barely escaped the blow of Senior Brother Zhou's Flame Cut, pulled away from Senior Brother Zhou's attack range, and slightly gasped for breath.

"If you were to get rid of him when I’m already a Second Stage Professional, wouldn’t that make me too useless?" Shen Yanxiao directly rejected Xiu’s proposal.
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