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In the hall, Tang Nazhi and Yang Xi were trapped by the Paladins of the Broken Star Palace, limiting the actions of the two. They wanted to rush out several times, but they were both blocked and forced back.

The Magic Archers and Magisters of the Broken Star Palace aimed at Yan Yu and Li Xiaowei, launching crazy attacks at them. The totem in Yan Yu’s hand was smashed to pieces, but the Sacred Shield covering him and Li Xiaowei didn’t have any trace of rupture.

Even so, it could be felt that the Sacred Shields on the two of them were gradually weakening. And even though Yan Yu was constantly creating a totem in his hands, continuously thickening the Sacred Shield, under the bombardment of the Magic Archers and Magisters, the two shields around them still could not avoid being shaken.

Senior Brother Qian had finally arrived in front of Qi Xia. The battle between the two Great Magisters officially unfolded. Qi Xia did not need to chant to cast any magic, while Senior Brother Qian needed about two seconds; therefore, Qi Xia’s attack speed was much faster than that of Senior Brother Qian.

However, Qi Xia had broken through the level of Great Magister not too long ago. The skills belonging to a Great Magister that he knew were still limited. On the other hand, Senior Brother Qian had been in the realm of Great Magister for more than ten years now. So he was more familiar with the skills of a Great Magister, and thus, his attacks were more fierce and brought greater damage than Qi Xia’s attacks.

For a time, Qi Xia was having a hard time fighting in spite of everything; he couldn’t get away from Senior Brother Qian’s attacks. And finally, the teamwork of Phantom was completely interrupted. The Broken Star Palace made use of their advantage in numbers to launch a series of attacks on the other four people. The safety of Li Xiaowei and Yan Yu had been greatly threatened at this moment.

"Now!" Just as he was moving toward the people of the Broken Star Palace, Qi Xia suddenly shouted.

Along with Qi Xia’s sudden roar, five rays of light suddenly broke out from the five people.

In the next second, five blinding figures were impressively floating at the top of the hall!

"Such a low-life dare to challenge the power of my master?" The silver-haired Qilin, with both arms around his chest, was hovering in the air. His silver eyes carried a decisive contempt as it overlooked the group of people from the Broken Star Palace.

"Qilin… Mythological Beasts!" Senior Brother Qian looked in astonishment at the five Mythological Beasts that appeared midair.

Qilin, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Eight-Headed Serpent!

He suddenly understood why the skills of Qi Xia and others would be so different from those of the same level as them!

All of this was because of their Mythological Beasts!

Mythological Beasts were magical beasts, albeit with greater characteristics. After signing a contract with a human being, these characteristics were likely to be roused. If a Mythological Beast were to encounter a master that possessed the same characteristics as them, the presence of the Mythological Beast would bring about unlimited benefits to their master. But if the characteristics were different, then no one could discover this layer of change.

This was the case for Qi Xia, who was a Great Magister, and Qilin, a Mythological Beast that had a strong magical power itself. These kinds of characteristics directly led to the resonance of Qi Xia’s own magic and the magic in Qilin’s body, erasing Qi Xia’s chanting every time he would cast magic spells!

Mythological Beasts were rare, and there was only one beast in a million who had the same characteristics as you. Still, more than just the resonance of the source of magic, it was also necessary to sign a life and death contract with the Mythological Beast to achieve such an effect.

Generally, when a person and a magical beast signed a contract, the life and death of one was irrelevant to the other. When the magical beast died, the owner could still find another one, and when the master died, the magical beast would just once again become a masterless magical beast.

But there was another contract called the Blood Contract.

This was an unilateral life and death agreement. If you signed a Blood Contract, once either you or your magical beast died, both of you would die together.
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