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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1064

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Shen Yanxiao’s counterattack shocked the audience greatly.

The situation on the ring was reversed in an instant.

Vermillion Bird, who was originally on the pa.s.sive side, now had the help of Shen Yanxiao. The masters of both sides were Archers, but the level of Shen Yanxiao had steadily pressed down Duan Hen. While Vermillion Bird and the Redflame Beast were fighting evenly, the difference between Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen immediately brought about a reversal.

Vermillion Bird flexibly maneuvered in the air, avoiding the opponent’s attack and at the same time finding the most suitable position for Shen Yanxiao to attack.

The Purple Baron in the hands of Shen Yanxiao shot out several arrows; each one had a tyrannical attacking force.

Even if he was the Redflame Beast, he did not dare to directly block the the intensive attacks of Shen Yanxiao. Although he would not suffer serious injuries from those arrows, the tingling sensation brought about by the arrows when they penetrated his flesh was rather disturbing, making him feel really mad.

The attack range of the Magic Archer and Advanced Archer also had a huge disparity. Vermillion Bird ascended to the limit, increasing his distance from the ring, which was just enough to stay out of the attack range of Duan Hen.

Even if one’s shooting distance was extremely far, after a certain range was exceeded, the flow of air would interfere with the accuracy of the arrow. Shen Yanxiao had also made Vermillion Bird use the strength of gravity as a defense. The result was that Duan Hen’s arrows had a great loss in both force and accuracy.

On the other hand, Shen Yanxiao could shoot Duan Hen and the Redflame Beasts while maintaining the accuracy and strength of her attacks.

Everyone once thought that it was possible for Duan Hen to end the match with the advantage of distance. Now, Shen Yanxiao was fighting with this same method.

The arrows in Shen Yanxiao’s hands fell like rain and went forward to attack Duan Hen. The Redflame Beast had to avoid the attack of Vermillion Bird and then launched a counterattack while also taking care of Duan Hen. This feeling of being fully occupied simply made his head dizzy.

Coupled with the hara.s.sment caused by the arrows of Shen Yanxiao, the last trace of calmness in the heart of the Redflame Beast had been extinguished.

The temperament of the fire magical beasts was mostly violent, and there was not much rationality once angered.

Shen Yanxiao, pressing them hard, step-by-step provoked the fury of the Redflame Beast.

However, the Redflame Beast could not actually deal any huge damage to Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird at the moment. Although there was a gap between Vermillion Bird and the Redflame Beast, in terms of the strength of Mythological Beasts, if they both wanted to win the game, perhaps even after hundreds of exchanges it would still be impossible to have a result.

Before then, Shen Yanxiao had already pushed the Redflame Beast and Duan Hen to a dead end.

Shen Yanxiao’s attack was not only aimed at Duan Hen but was also aimed at the forelimbs of the Redflame Beast.

As long as the Redflame Beast continued to protect Duan Hen, then he was bound to fall into a trap.

The Redflame Beast’s two forelimbs were already feeling unbearably numb due to the dozens of arrows nailed into them. The figure of the Redflame Beast had begun to show a hint of slight wobbling.

Just as the Redflame Beast was extremely angered, already losing his reason, Vermillion Bird suddenly slammed down and directly hit the Redflame Beast.

Two huge creatures collided together at once, and the force of Vermillion Bird’s dive directly made the Redflame Beast fly out of the ring!

Even Duan Hen, sitting on the back of the Redflame Beast, was not spared; he also flew out.

A loud bang sounded. The Redflame Beast, Vermillion Bird, and Duan Hen all flew out of the ring and fell on the ground. The impact from the two Mythological Beasts directly created a huge hole on the ground.

A fog of dusts filled the air for a moment.


Above the ring, there was a slender figure standing proudly.

Shen Yanxiao stood on the ring, holding the Purple Baron with a smile on her mouth. Her chin was slightly raised and carrie an absolute pride; her eyes glanced at the disordered scene below the ring.
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