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Qingfeng Li cut open the belly of four-eyed demonic snake and found that Xue Lin was not in there.

With a sigh of relief, he knew the demon snake must have been killed by a powerful self-cultivator who had probably taken Xue Lin with him.

Walking to stand beside Qingfeng Li, Mengyao Xu comforted him, "Big Brother Li, don't worry. Xue Lin is a lucky woman, so she won't die so easily."

Nodding, Qingfeng Li asked Ya Yun, "Young Madam, you are the daughter of the president of Crimson Fire Continent Business Alliance and are familiar with the forces on the mainland. Come here and look at the four big holes in the demon snake's eyes. What attacks do you think they are?"

Ya Yun walked over and observed the wounds carefully. After a moment of pondering, her eyes widened and she said in surprise, "It was Blue Wind Spirit Finger, the spirit monarch realm cultivation technique of the Wind Eagle High Tier Dynasty. It is well known all over the whole mainland."

She continued, "If I'm right, it was their royal prince who killed the four-eyed demon snake with the Blue Wind Spirit Finger."

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly and concern flashed in his eyes. From Ya Yun's explanation, he learned that the Wind Eagle High Tier Dynasty was one of the ten almighty high tier dynasties.

The Wind Eagle Dynasty was quite famous on the Crimson Fire Continent and its emperor was one of the top 50 super masters on the spirit monarch realm masters list.

And the royal prince, a fourth level spirit monarch realm master, was also a famous top 100 spirit monarch realm master. His power was even one level higher than Qingfeng Li, who was currently a third level spirit monarch realm master.

Qingfeng Li was very worried about Xue Lin since his past experiences told him that royal princes were generally a bunch of evil guys and if the royal prince knew about the Ice Phoenix Bloodline in Xue Lin, he would definitely take it by force and thus bring great harm to Xue Lin.

Besides, Xue Lin was very beautiful and she would be in great danger if the royal prince of the high tier dynasty had evil designs for her.

In this moment, Qingfeng Li had never been this anxious with worry.

He turned to Black Puppy and said, "Use your nose and see if you can smell Xue Lin in the range of 150,000 kilometers."

Nodding, Black Puppy was also anxious since it liked Xue Lin very much and regarded her to be its master. It certainly didn't want her to be harmed by other men.

Extending its nose, Black Puppy sniffed around while releasing its Ancestor Dog super power, which formed a black ripple spreading outward until it reached the limit of 150,000 kilometers.

Half an hour later, Black Puppy took back its Ancestor Dog super power and reported, "Qingfeng Li, I can't smell Xue Lin within the range of 150,000 kilometers and can't find her location."

Hearing Black Puppy's report, Qingfeng Li's face turned dark and fury flashed in his eyes. He was enraged that he was one step late and missed Xue Lin.

He punched his fist toward the valley and exploded a huge hole in the ground of the valley.

The rocks on the sides rolled down into the bottomless hole and even the four-eyed demon snake's body fell into the deep hole.

Qingfeng Li said to Ya Yun, "Young Madam, you are the junior president of the largest business alliance on the Crimson Fire Continent and have access to the intelligences of many forces on the mainland. Please release a notification to all the self-cultivators in the Sun Mystic Realm, saying that anyone who reports to me the location of Xue Lin will be rewarded with a set of spirit monarch realm cultivation techniques and ten spirit monarch realm elixir pills."

Qingfeng Li was now a bit desperate and was prepared to pay a high reward for information on Xue Lin.

He believed the self-cultivators would be happy to do his bidding since they would probably never have a chance to have a set of spirit monarch realm cultivation techniques despite their hard efforts and putting their lives in danger.

Some spirit monarch realm elixirs and spirit herbs were usually guarded by spirit monarch realm demonic beasts which would kill any self-cultivators trying to take them.

And the ten spirit monarch realm elixir pills Qingfeng Li offered was an incredibly ludicrous reward. Even Ya Yun was astonished at the huge reward and knew Xue Lin was a very important person in Qingfeng Li's heart.

Ya Yun nodded and said, "I will begin to write the notice now. I'll then release it to all the self-cultivators in the Sun Mystic Realm announcing that anyone who can provide information about Xue Lin will be rewarded with one set of spirit monarch realm cultivation techniques and ten spirit monarch elixir pills."

Ya Yun was quite familiar with the process of information release and acquisition. In a short while, she had finished making the notices and released them all over the Sun Mystic Realm with a rocket transmitter.

She even summoned some demonic eagles and pigeons and attached the notices to their feet before setting them toward all directions of the Sun Mystic Realm.

Seeing Ya Yun's work, Qingfeng Li nodded with satisfaction.

Mengyao Xu walked to Qingfeng Li and asked, "Big Brother Li, where are we going now?"

After a moment's consideration, Qingfeng Li pointed to the west, saying, "We continue in the west since I feel Xue Lin has gone in this direction. We should find her in the west."

This time, Qingfeng Li chose to walk instead of riding on the spirit ship since his purpose was to track down Xue Lin. While they walked, they would encounter some of the 10,000 self-cultivators in the Sun Mystic Realm and he hoped they would bring him some news about Xue Lin.

Thousands of rolling mountains stood in the Sun Mystic Realm. Their heights ranged from 3,000 meters to 10,000 meters while the high ones shot up into the clouds.

On the mountains grew all kinds of ancient trees, each of them was hundreds of meters tall and their girth was so big that it would take more than 10 people to encircle it with arms spread and hand in hand.

Each of the leaves on the ancient trees was as big as a water tank. After thousands of years of growth, they were still lush with dense branches and leaves while the ground beneath them was covered by ivies, flowers, and weeds.

In the depth of the weeds and ivies lived some small-sized demonic beasts including spiders, centipedes, vipers, noxious insects, and poisonous ants, etc.

Seeing Qingfeng Li and the others coming near, they flew out of the weeds and ivies with blood-lust in their eyes. They turned into sharp arrows and shot toward Qingfeng Li, seeking to bite him.
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