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Feng Qing was startled by the sheer ferocity of his Kung Fu.

Feng Qing was only familiar with seducing men. Her Kung Fu was pathetic. She knew about some styles and structures, at most, but with the sheer strength of the man in front of her, killing her would be as easy as squashing an ant. Therefore, Feng Qing proceeded to 'serve' him.

The masked man had a lean body, but was very picky and not easily pleased. He only allowed her to work on the specific parts and forbade her from seeing the rest of his body. She had exerted herself to the limit but the results were still disappointing. It turned out that 'that part' of the man was still lying flat without any sign of an erection.

Feng Qing used to be very proud of her special skill. It was said that she could excite and turn a sexually impotent man into a real masculine man. However, meeting this man who came unexpectedly during the night proved the theory wrong.

Under normal circumstances, her minimal effort could trigger a man to become desperate to the point where he would throw himself into her arms in immense desperation. They would then make love endlessly for the rest of the night.

However, after all her efforts on this man for more than half an hour, the man did not seem to react at all, even though she had given her all. Instead, he became increasingly cold and detached. The surrounding temperature seemed to drop as well.

Finally, she gave up as it seemed that nothing would work. Discontented, she looked up. "You are obviously impotent, why are you here to make a fool of me?"

The man had an impressive look, but was useless in this regard. He was pleasant to the eye, but of no use in sex. The masked man did not say anything more. He rose, fixed his robe and walked straight towards the door.

Feng Qing was unwilling to let him go. She did not work the whole time for him for nothing in return. She went after him. "Are you leaving just like that? Aren't you going to stay…?" She was not able to finish her sentence. She never could.

The man did not turn his head and only flicked his sleeves towards the back. The lively and kicking Feng Qing was immediately frozen into an ice statue. Then, she was shattered and crushed into dust.


It was the middle of the night. 

Just when Long Fan was about to fall asleep, he was immediately awakened by Mo Zhao's crude behavior. "Get up!"

Long Fan had had a very long day. He was enraged by the sudden interruption. If he were not the Great Lord, they would already be fighting.

"My Great Lord, what is the matter!?" The tone of his voice was not entirely friendly.

Mo Zhao did not show any friendly tone, either. He almost ground his teeth in anger. "This body has a huge problem!"

Long Fan's heart skipped a beat. His sleepiness disappeared almost entirely. "What huge problem?"

"It is… impotent!"

Long Fan did not know how to react.

He hesitated in his response, "How… How do you know?" He did not expect the Great Lord to try out that sort of activity just after his successful physical attachment.

All those years, the Great Lord had not been indulging himself in lust. Why would he, all of a sudden?

Mo Zhao dissed. When he was playing the role of Rong Che, he was admirable but was not at all indecent. He kept his body pure to help him in his practice. However, seeing beautiful girls would give him natural responses too. When he met Gu Xijiu, he was drawn by her beauty, but he tried very hard to suppress his desperation.

However, after he had successfully attached to his new body, he could hardly feel any urge for her even with physical contact. He was alarmed by the inactivity.

When Long Fan asked him about it, he thought he was only unresponsive to Gu Xijiu's newly cloned body. He tried to try it on somebody else but to his surprise… nothing worked!

The matter was not entirely serious, but he could not dismiss it. Long Fan reflected on the problem for a moment and asked him to try with different women.
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