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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 994 –The One That Loves Her The Most Is Him Part 4

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‘It will be enough for me to just quietly stand behind him, looking at him…’

Mu Ru Yue lamented slightly as she looked at Xiao Jung who had her eyes closed.

‘Perhaps Xiao Jing indeed deserves to die ten thousand times, but her love for Bei Jun is really touching…’



Shi Hun knelt down heavily before Mu Ru Yue as he said, trembling and shivering, “This woman is the main culprit in harming the lord. She had instigated me in doing what I had done. Now, she has already died under my hands and similarly avenged for the lord. I plead for you to spare my lowly life. If you are willing to forgive me, I will do anything in my ability to serve you.”

In comparison to Xiao Jing’s peaceful end, Shi Hun’s action was extremely disdainful.

Mu Ru Yue glanced indifferently at him and said with a cold expression, “Forgive you? If it wasn’t for you, my little Huang Er wouldn’t have fallen into such a state. Hence, why do you think I should let you off?”

The girl’s words were like a heavy hammer striking on Shi Hun’s heart. His complexion turned increasingly pale with despair and pain expressed on his face.

“Xiao Yue.” Mu Ru Yue called out calmly.

Xiao Yue immediately understood the purpose of why Mu Ru Yue had summoned her. Her fist struck mercilessly on Shi Hun’s chest. Perhaps Shi Hun’s body that was previously tortured by Mu Ru Yue’s pill to the point that he didn’t have any energy left in his body so he couldn’t put up any resistance against Xiao Yue’s attack.


When Xiao Yue’s fist landed on Shi Hun’s chest, he shrieked miserably. However, a pill was once again shot into his mouth the instant he opened his mouth.

“You…” Shi Hun’s body trembled intensely as he asked, “What did you make me consume again this time?”

Mu Ru Yue glanced at him indifferently as she replied in a calm tone, “It is a Bone Dissolving Pill that will make your bone slowly dissolve to become pus blood until it disappears. Wu Chen, let’s go. It is also time for us to leave this Tian Huang Manor…”


Ye Wu Chen smirked with a warm smile in his purple eyes.

He had never even glanced at Shi Hun, who was completely out of luck, from the start…

Shi Hun’s legs gave way as he fell to the ground as he watched the two figures gradually disappearing. But the intense pain from the Bone Dissolving Pill had overwhelmed his despair.

That kind of pain was as if a blade was rawly cutting into his bones, making him be unable to say anything from the pain…

“This should be the place.”

Mu Ru Yue halted her steps when she reached the Sacrificial Altar. Her gaze landed on the large door at the entrance of the platform.

“If I’ve not guessed it wrong, this should be the gate in heading to the outside world. Currently, little Huang Er’s characteristics as a Demon God is too obvious. Hence, we should temporarily let him stay within the Alchemy Book.”

Ye Wu Chen placed an arm around Mu Ru Yue’s shoulder, letting her lean against his body.

“Mu Er, let’s go.”


Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath.

‘I can finally return to the Eastern Island at this moment. I wonder how Jing Er and Bai Ze are…’

A man had his eyes shut within a lady’s chamber in the back courtyard of the Su family. Sunlight from outside the window was shining into the room, landing on the man’s slightly moving eyelashes.

Suddenly, the man’s fingers moved slightly. He slowly opened with eyes with a trace of puzzlement in his eyes.

“I remembered being pursued by the people of the North Devil Palace, jumping off a cliff. Where am I now?”

Zi Qian Jing frowned slightly. When he was in doubt, an elegant voice was heard from his side as she said, “Are you awake?”

Zi Qian Jing was stunned for a moment as he shifted his head to look at the source of the voice instinctively. A simple but elegant figure that was silently sitting within the glow of the sunlight was reflected within his eyes.

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