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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 992 –The One That Loves Her The Most Is Him Part 2

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Chapter 992 –The One That Loves Her The Most Is Him Part 2

It was due him remembering that Mu Ru Yue had only said that he wouldn’t need to suffer from his current pain forever if he told her the method but she didn’t say that she would let him go. In that case, there was only a way for him to escape such sufferings…

It was death!

Shi Hun’s heart shuddered.

‘The little girl clearly is only in her early twenties. But why do I feel that I’m not her match…’


Xiao Yue was lifting a girl with her hand before she tossed the girl heavily on the ground. “This woman tried to escape but Xiao Bai and I had caught her. Master, how do you want to deal with her?”

Xiao Jing had currently curled up her body on the ground with her complexion void of any colours. It was as though she experienced an extreme fright as her eyes were widened and her body was shivering slightly.

“Xiao Jing, long time no see.” Mu Ru Yue sniggered as she continued, “I didn’t expect for you to want to kill my son…”

Xiao Jing’s thin lips trembled a little as she said fearfully, “Demon God! He is a Demon God!”

‘The characteristics of a Demon God was him having silver hair and red eyes. I didn’t expect Mu Ru Yue’s son to be the Demon God…’

“Hahaha! Mu Ru Yue, you will pay a price for teaming up with the Demon God!” Xiao Jing laughed brazenly. With intense killing intents surging out from her body, she continued, “My stepfather is such an outstanding man. Yet, you tossed him away. There will be a day that you regret that decision! Hence, I want to kill your son for you to savour the pain of feeling as though your heart is being penetrated by ten thousand arrows!”

Shi Hun was stunned as he looked in shock at Xiao Jing’s crazed appearance.

“Grandmaster Xiao Jing, were… you using me?”

‘This woman was using me for her selfish desire. It is a joke that I believed her words…’

Xiao Jing snorted coldly as she replied, “That’s right, I was indeed using you. Who called you to be that foolish in believing every single word that I said to you?”

Xiao Jing could no longer do anything to salvage the current situation so she didn’t see the point in continuing to hide her true intention…


A clap of thunders seemed to have occurred above Shi Hun’s head, scaring him witless. He looked at the side of Xiao Jing’s cold face in disbelief.

‘So I had only been a tool that this woman had been making use of all along. Not only had I gotten myself involved in this matter, but I had also led to the death of several experts of the Tian Huang Manor.’


A bone-piercing hatred surged in Shi Hun’s heart. Strong killing intents slowly were released from his body.


He moved in a dash over to Xiao Jing, mercilessly strangling her neck.

“Xiao Jing, you dared to harm me. Do you know how miserable I had become due to your instigation?”

Xiao Jing’s face turned bright red from being strangled. She looked alarmed at Mu Ru Yue as she said, “Mu Ru Yue, quickly kill him and save me! Otherwise, I will never tell you what happened to Feng Jing Tian!”

‘Feng Jing Tian?’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shook a little. The enchanter-like man’s final resolute face entered her mind. Fury surged forth from her heart.

Mu Ru Yue suppressed her heart-felt fury as she looked coldly at Xiao Jing and asked, “Where is Feng Jing Tian? Is he still alive?”

“I will only tell you after you kill him!”

Mu Ru Yue smirked as she said, “Xiao Jing, can it be that you don’t know that I hate being threatened the most? If you threaten me, your outcome will totally be the same as Shi Hun.”

Xiao Jing’s heart shuddered but she laughed crazily following that.

“Hahaha! Mu Ru Yue, Ye Wu Chen and you have been being a lovey-dovey couple at this place. But you don’t know that a man had been sent and be tortured at the eighteen levels of hell due to him offending stepfather for you!!”

Xiao Jing’s laughs became increasingly frantic when she saw the sudden great change in Mu Ru Yue’s expression, her waves of laughter echoing through the entire sky…

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