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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 991 –The One That Loves Her The Most Is Him Part 1

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Shi Hun was totally scared witless upon seeing the scene before him. His body couldn’t help but shudder uncontrollably. He finally feared at this instant.

‘This couple’s distinct characteristic was that obvious. I initially thought it was just a coincidence. I didn’t expect this to happen…’

Mu Ru Yue walked forward, looking down at the middle-aged man that was on the ground in a tattered state. Her voice was as freezing as snow when she said, “Tell me, how to leave this Tian Huang Manor.”

Shi Hun forcefully suppressed his fears as he pleaded with a shaky voice, “I-if you let me go, I will tell you.”

‘This is my last chance in negotiating with her now…’

“You aren’t saying?” Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly and asked with a fake smile.


The girl’s foot stepped hard on his wrist when he just said that word. The intense pain made him shriek out uncontrollably with all his might.


Shi Hun had never experienced fear before. This was his first and last time that he failed ever since he became the owner of the Tian Huang Manor…

He understood that the couple before him would certainly not let him off…

“You are to make the decision yourself. Are you or are you not going to tell me?” Mu Ru Yue raised her icy gaze as she asked expressionlessly.

Shi Hun bit his lips as he said, “I won’t!”

‘Frankly, I indeed regret. If I knew that she was the person of the prophecy earlier, I wouldn’t choose to offend these two people no matter what.

‘Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to survive during the world annihilation crisis in the future…

‘Since I will still die in the end, why don’t I forcefully make her stay within the Tian Huang Manor? She perhaps may help the Tian Huang Manor to overcome a crisis when those experts come.’

Shi Hun was still trying to plot against Mu Ru Yue in the end.

“Since you aren’t going to tell me…” Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before she said, “Then I can only make you live a life worse than death!”

Shi Hun’s heart shuddered. A pill was shot in his mouth when he parted his lips to plead.

He hastily wanted to dig out the pill from his throat. Yet, the pill had already formed into medicinal power and entered his body, making it impossible for him to vomit the pill no matter how he tried.

“What did you make me consume?” Shi Hun’s body trembled as he yelled angrily with a gravely pale complexion.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at him indifferently as she revealed, “Ten Thousand Heart Penetration Pill!”

The Ten Thousand Heart Penetration Pill would make the consumer feel as though their heart had been penetrated by ten thousand arrows while keeping them alive.


Shi Hun hugged his chest tightly as he knelt on the ground just after Mu Ru Yue revealed the name of the pill. Cold sweat rolled profusely down his face, making his complexion increasingly paler.


‘It is a pain that I’ve never experienced before!

‘It is as if a hand was roughly tearing my heart apart. Following that, it is a loop cycle of the injuries gradually recovered before feeling as though my heart was being ripped apart again…’

“Have you thought it through? Will you tell me the method in leaving the Tian Huang Manor or do you want to forever enjoy your current pain? Moreover, the pain will be never-ending!”


‘How will I be able to bear that? I already can’t withstand it for just an instant…’

“I… I will say.” Shi Hun raised his gravely pale face and with his expression distorted due to the pain, he revealed, “It… it is at the sacrificial altar. There is a way to exit the Tian Huang Manor at that place. Will you let me off now?”

Mu Ru Yue smirked as she replied, “When did I promise you that I will let you off?”

“You…” Shi Hun’s expression changed completely as he rebuked, “You are not keeping to your words! You had obviously promised…”

Shi Hun was stunned when he said up to that point.

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