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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 984 – Breakthrough To The Spiritual Realm Part 7

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Sinister cold flames shot over to Shi Hun right after he said those words. Shi Hun hastily recovered his senses and dodged to a side. Even if so, when the flames moved past him, it had nearly set his robes ablaze.

“You…” When Shi Hun raised his head, his gaze met with Ye Wu Chen’s purple eyes. He continued with gritted teeth, “Do you know who you are offending? It will not only be my Tian Huang Manor, but you will also be offending the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is an existence that will be becoming a god in the future. You definitely won’t meet with a good outcome for offending her! Hahaha!”

Ye Wu Chen looked gloomily at Shi Hun’s crazed expression. With an indifferent expression, he declared, “I don’t care who you are. Death will be your sole outcome for making a move on my wife.”

“Hmph!” Shi Hun snorted coldly as he continued, “So there’s really people that are sick of living. Since so, I shall make you understand my true ability!”


A mighty grandeur suddenly burst forth from Shi Hun’s body. His aura gradually rose upwards, rapidly charging toward the roof.

“Secret Technique? Wu Chen, be careful!” Mu Ru Yue’s expression changed slightly as she said, “This kind of secret technique definitely wouldn’t allow him to break through the Supreme Realm to become a half-god. But it will enable him to become the strongest Supreme Realm expert! Hence, please be extremely careful.”

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze softened when he heard the worries from the girl behind him. With a slight smirk, he consoled, “Mu Er, your husband won’t give you the chance to become a widow…”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered, but she didn’t say anything else…

“Overestimating your might!”Shi Hun snorted coldly. With a flash of his body, it transformed into a bolt of lightning in mid-air, striking toward Ye Wu Chen.

His speed was really fast. It was so rapid that his figure was just a blur, unable to even notice his flying tracks.

But when Shi Hun just reached before Wu Chen, Wu Chen brandished the black sword in his hand.


That lightning-like figure was brought to a stop…

The man raised his evil tendencies-filled purple eyes with his purple robes fluttering slightly.

With sinister cold killing intents in his gaze, he said, “I won’t ever tolerate anyone that tries to make a move on my wife and son. So…”


A tyrannical grandeur erupted from the man’s body before he could finish saying that, forcing his opponent to move couple steps back…

Shi Hun regained his senses. He sniggered as he mocked, “I didn’t expect that you can receive a blow from the current me. But it is only to an extent. Do you think you can defeat me? If you really think so, it’s too hilarious! You certainly aren’t my match!”

He dashed toward Wu Chen again after tossing out those words.

Although Ye Wu Chen had already broken through to the Supreme Realm, it was just recently. Thus, he was gradually at the disadvantage when dealing with Shi Hun who had increased his might by using a Secret Technique.

“No, Wu Chen won’t be able to hold on much longer!”

Mu Ru Yue frowned tightly as she watched the two battling people. Her expression gradually became firm as she commented, “Since he said for us to fight alongside with each other previously, I mustn’t cower at such a time!”


Ye Si Huang shifted his head to look at the woman’s face. A trace of astonishment flashed past his eyes.

When everyone was clueless as to what she wanted to do, the girl had raised her palm making a pill furnace to appear in the main hall.

“Pill furnace?” Shi Hun was stunned for a moment as he analyzed, “Can it be she is an alchemist? However, only Heaven Stage Peak Realm Pills will be effective in a battle between Supreme Realm practitioners. Furthermore, if she wanted to refine a Heaven Stage Peak Realm Pill, her cultivation must also be at the Supreme Realm. How can she as a Spiritual Realm practitioner refine a Heaven Stage Peak Realm Pill?”

‘It is an impossible feat!’

Shi Hun shook his head as he chuckled coldly.

‘If there is such a young Heaven Stage Alchemist, won’t she be too abnormal?’

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