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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 973 – Return Part 4

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When they shifted their gazes to the source of the voice, an enormous figure was gradually seen from within the dense white clouds…


‘Oh my heavens, it is an enormous dragon! Do dragons really exist in this world?’

Don’t even mention the other guests! Even people of the Mu family were stunned. Apprehensiveness overwhelmed their shock as they didn’t know if the dragon was their ally or foe after all…

The enormous white dragon lowered its head in mid air and with a swept of a glance through the crowd, his gaze landed on Mu Zheng.

‘That fellow’s body has Master’s aura. I should be able to find Master though him…’

“Hey, old man! Where is my Master?”

“Your Master?” Mu Zheng was stunned for a moment as he asked, “May I know who your Master is…”

“My Master is Mu Ru Yue. I heard that she is going to marry to Master’s husband again. Thus, I came rushing over…”

Mu Zheng’s expression stiffened, standing within the wind stupefied.

‘This enormous dragon is Yue Er’s subordinate? When has she become so powerful, even subduing an enormous dragon?

‘It should be known that people of Hua Xia are descendants of the dragon. Hence, dragons is definitely a tyrannical existence to the people of Hua Xia. She currently is able to subdue an enormous dragon. How can that not shock me?

‘But I am jubilant after recovering from the shock. Since so, the Mu family will hold an unshakable position within Hua Xia. There won’t be anyone that can bully the people of the Mu family…’

“Had I heard it wrong?”

“No, you didn’t hear it wrong. I had also heard it. That enormous dragon actually called Mu Ru Yue his Master. This is a real shocker!”

All of the guests at this scene gasped as they focused their lit up eyes on Mu Zheng. In their point of view, the current Mu Zheng was a treasure. If they could make a connection with him, their status would be even stronger in the future…

“Mu family’s head leader~”

Just when Mu Zheng was stunned, a sweet voice was suddenly heard. That voice scared him to the point that his skin crawled. He shifted his head to the beauty wearing a revealing outfit at his side.

The beauty shamelessly shot coquettish glances at Mu Zheng. Following that, her body started to lean toward his body. She then said, “Mu family’s head leader, do you still remember me? I am Liu Ye (willow leaf) of the Liu family. I had already adored you for a long time already. I am willing to be your second wife. But it will be up to you…”

When Mu Zheng saw Liu Ye’s body was almost going to be in contact with his body, he hastily retreated a couple steps backward. That delicate and soft body collapsed to the ground.

“Ai yo!” The beauty called out coquettishly. But she wasn’t angered by Mu Zheng’s action. She looked charmingly at Mu Zheng and extended her hand toward him. “Mu family’s head leader, do you mind helping me up?”

That flirtatious tone had sent chills throughout Mu Zheng’s body. He glared furiously at the beauty and shouted, “Scram!”

“Mu family’s head leader is really callous.” The beauty cast a flirtatious gaze at him again as she offered, “But if the Mu family’s head leader has a need, don’t forget to call for me. Even if I can’t be your second wife, I am willing to help the Mu family’s head leader with your worries and difficulties. Please feel free to call me out anytime.”

When the others saw the people of the Liu family took the decisive opportunity first, they did not want to be outdone and marketed their daughters to him. Of course, Mu Hao Tian, who was the only grandson of the Mu family, was also surrounded by women, trying their best to become his woman…

When had Mu Hao Tian experienced such a situation before? The complexion of his face instantly turned gravely pale. He forcefully suppressed his disgust as he pushed his way through the crowd, walking briskly to Hong Ying’s side.

Hong Ying chuckled. With a bright glow in her eyes, she said amicably, “Mister Mu is really popular, being surrounded by that many women.”

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