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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 972 – Return Part 3

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Chapter 972 – Return Part 3

Mu Hao Tian could no longer continue watching but just as he wanted to say something, the girl before him had already regained her composure. She said indifferently but distant, “The Hong family indeed had given life to me but they had never nurtured me! I was chased out from the Hong family since young, forced to survive in the harsh outside world on my own.

“ Since people of the Hong family had never helped me, why should I sympathise them? Hong Tian Qi, what else other than the bloodline of the Hong family that is running through my blood had the Hong family ever done for me? Why should I feel the need to be loyal to such a family?”

Hong Tian Qi’s body trembled from his anger as he pointed at Hong Ying, speechless. With his face turned ashen and distorted, he said, “Hong Ying, you are repaying gratitude with vengeance. You will regret doing this!”

Mu Hao Tian’s expression turned grim as he ordered coldly, “Why are you all just standing there? Chase him out from here. Moreover, you are to blacklist the Hong family from entering the Mu family’s manor forever!”

“Understood, young master!”

The two guards that were silently standing behind the Mu family’s subordinates instantly walked briskly toward Hong Tian Qi. They gripped onto his collar and tossed him away from the entrance, looking at the people of the Hong family like fiends.

“Quickly scram!”

Hong Tian Qi glared furiously at Hong Ying but he knew he shouldn’t pick a fight at the entrance of the Mu family’s manor. Thus, he suppressed his heartfelt anger, leading the people of the Hong family away in defeat…

“Lady Hong,” Mu Hao Tian looked at Hong Ying and with a youthful smile on his handsome face, he said, “Don’t worry. Since you are an esteem guest of my Mu family, we definitely won’t let anyone bully you. Let’s go. My elder sister and brother-in-law’s wedding has already begun. We will be too late if we don’t head in now.”

Hong Ying nodded, distracted, as she replied, “I will have to thank Mister Mu for your help then.”

Mu Hao Tian no longer said further as he expressed a ‘please go ahead’ gesture, leading Hong Ying to enter the Mu family’s manor…

“Everyone, I give you a warm welcome for coming to attend my granddaughter’s wedding.”

Mu Zheng’s voice was drenched with excitement in the banquet within the courtyard as he continued, “Our Mu family will be giving each and everyone of you that had come to attend this wedding a gift. The gift shall be a precious Essence Purification Pill. The pill will enable the consumer to have their body purified and have a change in their mortal bones, awakening their martial practitioner’s potential…”


The crowd was momentarily stirred up as they started at the elder’s excited elderly face.

There were even more fewer alchemists in the Ancient Martial World in Hua Xia as compared to the otherworldly continent so there wasn’t even such a pill as Essence Purification Pill in Hua Xia. Hence, everyone was completely stirred up when they heard about that…

But this had also stabilized the Mu family’s position in Hua Xia. Who called their family to possess such an outstanding Granddaughter…

“I will let someone deliver the gift to you in a bit. Now, may everyone take their seats!”

Mu Zheng was extremely happy as he said that, his face was glowing.

Everyone took their seats at that moment. But they were stunned when they saw the medicinal plant placed on the table.

“I-is… this the legendary Snow Lotus Flower?”

“Oh wow! There is even a ten-thousand-year old Ginseng. The Mu family is too wealthy!”

Everyone gasped deeply as they looked at Mu Zheng in shock…

But what was really shocking was next…

When all of them were shocked by the Mu family’s possession, there was a sudden change in the weather. The sky was covered with a layer of thick white clouds. Following that, a childish yet domineering voice was heard from up above those white clouds.

“I had finally reached this place. I wonder where Master is…”

That voice that sounded as youthful as a youth had sent a sudden slap of thunder to everyone’s heart.

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