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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 968 – Family Reunion Part 9

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Inside a red brocade canopy with a phoenix crowned red clouds patterned cape.

Mu Ru Yue was sitting in front of a mirror, freely letting Yun Luo comb her hair.

“Yue Er, we had all agreed to have an ancient traditional wedding style. But my Yue Er looks so pretty with ancient newly bride’s makeup.”

Yun Luo lamented.

‘Even though they had already married each other long ago, this is my first time marrying my daughter off. I will naturally feel reluctant…’

“It is indeed a good idea to marry in an ancient traditional wedding style. There is an ancient style to it.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled. That smile made her appearance look increasing lively and splendid. “Mom, I may have to leave this place shortly after the wedding…”

Yun Luo’s hand jolted a little. She took in a deep breath as she asked, “Will you be really leaving that quickly?”

“Yes, I have companions waiting for me at that place. Furthermore, there was a man that didn’t mind sacrificing his life for me to be able to successfully reach Hua Xia. I need to head back to be certain whether he is still alive or not.”

Mu Ru Yue’s eyelashes trembled slightly. She made use of the mirror’s reflection to look at the woman’s face standing behind her. “The Zi family will be leaving with me this time. Mom, the continent is currently too dangerous and I have some enemies I still have to deal with. Thus, I will only be able to bring all of you to that continent after dealing with those enemies.”

‘Zi Chen and Yan Ruo Xi’s cultivation are rather strong so they have enough might for self-preservation. They can at least escape with their lives in a crisis. But it will be a completely different case with Yun Luo and Mu Yuan.

‘Their cultivations is too weak. If they were to head there, perhaps they will be used to blackmail me…

‘It will be only after I wipe out all of my threats and stand at the summit of the world that nobody will dare to make a move on them…’

“Alright, Yue Er, you must stay safe. Don’t forget Papa, Mama, your Grandfather, and Hao Tian will be waiting for you at this place. You must come back safely no matter what. Our Mu family will migrate to that world with you at that time.”

‘Our family won’t need to be separated ever again at that time…’

“Mom,” Mu Hao Tian walked briskly into the room from outside as he said, “It is the auspicious time already. Is elder sister ready?”

“She is ready.” Yun Luo held Mu Ru Yue’s hand as she said gently, “Let’s go. Everyone is waiting for you outside…”

Mu Ru Yue covered her face with a bridal veil, heading out of the room with Yun Luo’s support…

Since it was the Zi family’s young master and Mu family’s young mistress’s wedding, every people of the ancient martial world had come to attend their wedding. This was a chance for them to make connections with the Zi family after all. How could they let such a chance slip?

Currently, there was a little boy with a jade carved-like face looking at large doors from outside the Mu family’s mountain. Elation glimmered in his pair of large eyes.

“I can feel Mother and Father’s aura within this place!”

‘Murong Qing Chu didn’t lie to me. Mother and Father have come to this place…’

“Little fella,” Hong Ying was startled for a moment as she hastily grabbed onto Ye Si Huang’s arm as she said, “The security of this place is strict. We can’t casually barge into this place. Moreover, everybody in the world knows that Mu Ru Yue hasn’t a child yet so how can she have such a grown-up child? They will think that you have come here to ruin the wedding so they certainly won’t let you inside. Hence, we will need to have a clear plan first…”

Ye Si Huang sniggered as he declared, “I want to enter. Nobody will be able to stop me!”

The little young master’s voice was still childish, but he sounded so domineering that he made Hong Ying subconsciously release her hold on him…

“Hong Ying, why are you here?”

When she had eyebrows creased and was in deep thoughts, a mockery-drenched voice was heard from her side, “It can’t be that you want to attend the Zi family’s young master’s wedding, right? But you don’t seem to have an invitation card. People without an invitation card aren’t allowed to step within this place!”

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