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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 967 – Family Reunion Part 8

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“Stop thinking so much,” Ye Wu Chen embraced Mu Ru Yue as he used his slender fingers to brush past his girl’s hair. With a charming smile, he continued, “I will support you unconditionally in whatever you want to do…”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart warmed.

‘How blessed was I to be able to meet him in my past and present lives?’

First, it was the commotion at Shen Mo’s wedding and with everything that had happened in America’s Xia family, Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen became the lead story in the news. Moreover, since that was the case, people of Hua Xia came to know about the existence of the mysterious Zi family…

Thus, the entire ancient martial world became stirred up once they had gotten the news about Mu Ru Yue’s and Ye Wu Chen’s marriage. Their news was further widespread via the newspapers…

“Little boy, what are you looking at?” Hong Ying (red blossom) was carrying a cup of coffee as she entered the room. She brushed her short hair as she smiled heroically.

Even though she didn’t have an extremely remarkable appearance, she had a natural heroic grandeur. Her valiant and formidable grandeur gave people a really good impression of her.

But her eyes were focused on Ye Si Huang.

‘I had let him stay temporarily in my rented house after picking him up from the streets. But this fellow seems clueless about modern technologies…’

Initially, Hong Ying wanted to put on some cartoons for Ye Si Huang.

‘But who knew this little fellow suddenly became crazy after I turned on the Television? He kicked the screen and even said this thing is very dangerous, smashing it.’

“Little boy, you know how to read?” Hong Ying swept a gaze at the newspaper in Ye Si Huang’s hand as she asked curiously.

‘This little fellow seems to be only six to seven years of age. At this age, he should only be a Primary One student, right? How can a Primary One little friend know how to read?’


Ye Si Huang placed down the newspaper in his hand. He parted his lips and said, “I’ve already found my Mother.”

It was fortunate that the wordings in the continent of other world wasn’t the traditional ancient Hua Xia’s word characters but was similar to the modern world’s characters instead. Hence, Ye Si Huang was quickly able to understand what was written in the newspaper…

“Your Mother? Who is your Mother…” Hong Ying was stunned for a moment before she asked in a daze.

“This is her.”

Ye Si Huang pointed at the picture in the newspaper. With a smile, he continued, “My Mother is going to marry my Father. I want to be there in time for their wedding. Do you know how to head there?”

Hong Ying looked at Ye Si Huang’s pure and innocent face in astonishment. She then asked in disbelief, “You are a person of the ancient martial aristocratic family? That can’t be right! Mu Ru Yue of the Mu family hasn’t even married yet so how can she have such a grown-up son?”

“You know my Mother?” Ye Si Huang glanced at Hong Ying.

‘This woman’s meridians are sealed so she can’t be an ancient martial practitioner. How could she know my Mother then?’

Hong Ying chuckled bitterly.

‘How can I tell Ye Si Huang that I was initially a member of the ancient martial aristocratic family, the Hong family? Nonetheless, since I was a natural born trash, I had been abandoned by my family. Following that, even though I can’t cultivate, I am madly in love with fighting for justice so I reported to the police academy.’

“I’ve heard of her name. Recently, she also caused a major commotion in America. Little fella, is she really your Mother?”

Ye Si Huang nodded slightly as he replied, “Bring me to her…”

“Alright, I will bring you there since you want to…”

Even Hong Ying didn’t understand why she agreed to his request.

‘Perhaps it is due to my sympathy to him?

‘It is impossible for Ye Si Huang to be Mu Ru Yue’s son after all!

‘Even if she had a son during the two years where she had gone missing, her son should at most only be one-year-old. But this fella obviously seemed to be six to seven of age.

‘How can he be Mu Ru Yue’s son then?’

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