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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 947 – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 4

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Chapter 947 – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 4

Chu Yun’s complexion was void of any colours. She shook her head, unable to believe what Mu Ru Yue had said. “You can’t be Mu Ru Yue. It is impossible for such a matter to rebirth by possession to occur! You must be impostering her. I certainly won’t believe what you said…”

“Is that so?” Mu Ru Yue smiled as she exposed, “I had still remembered what you told me when I was dying that you are an adopted daughter of the Xia family. You had come to Hua Xia in order to escape from Xia Rui. Currently, you can only marry in order to escape the grasp of that devil but you weren’t willing to randomly marry someone. The person you marry must be one that doesn’t fear the influence of the Xia family. Although the Shen family is inferior to the Xia family, it isn’t that much weaker. Moreover, Shen Mo’s various conditions moved you. Yet, it was a pity I was in your way so I, who was an obstacle to you, must be eradicated by you!”


Chu Yun’s face became paler as fear was expressed in her eyes.

‘There is only a person that knows that I am an adopted daughter of the Xia family. That person was Mu Ru Yue. Moreover, Mu Ru Yue had heard about it a second before she died so she wouldn’t have the time to tell others about it.

‘Could this woman really be Mu Ru Yue?’

Chu Yun’s body shuddered as despair filled her face…

“Yue Er!” Shen Mo’s heart was filled with regret and guilt. He was, more importantly, reluctant to shift his gaze away from that flawless face. “Why didn’t you tell me when you returned? If I knew about this earlier, I…”

“Shen Mo,” Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly as she said, “Do you know why I previously didn’t choose you? It was due to you being incomparable to my husband. If it was him, he just needs a glance to recognise me from within a sea of people.”

“Impossible?” Shen Mo’s expression changed, “If he was me, he would make the same decision that I had made. I had personally watched you being cremated so how could you reappear?”

“Do you know?” Mu Ru Yue smirked as she rebuked, “He will surely not believe that I died. If my corpse was laid before his eyes one day, he will have great trust in me and believe that I will still be living somewhere else. Perhaps he will be able to find me among a sea of people…”

‘It will be just like how we met each other this life. He was able to seek me out from a sea of people…’

“I had indeed died but my soul hasn’t. My soul moved to another place, possessing another girl’s body. Furthermore, I was lucky to meet with this man.”

Mu Ru Yue turned her head to Ye Wu Chen and smiled.

That smile was one that Shen Mo had never seen before. Flames of jealousy subconsciously blazed in his heart. He found that smile extremely unpleasant, it was as though a sword had pierced deeply into his heart…

“Although he had never said he loves me, his love for me was gradually felt. He didn’t mind exposing his identity and even fought with experts for me. More importantly, he didn’t mind thinking about crippling his power in order to not hurt me. We had just used a glance to determine each other’s identity for two of our lives. Even if someone was to use my appearance to stand before him, he would know that it wasn’t me. Similarly, no matter if someone tried to use his appearance to approach me, I will know whether if it was him by my feelings…”

Mu Ru Yue subconsciously thought about all those years that they knew each other now.

‘Unknowingly, this man had already become irreplaceable to me. In both of my lives, he is the only one that I will choose as my partner for life.’

Shen Mo clenched his fist tightly with sorrow filled eyes. But doubts overwhelmed his sorrow…

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