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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 946 – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 3

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Chapter 946 – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 3


Xia Rui wasn’t angered but instead, he was elated. He wiped away the remnants of the blood at the corner of his mouth. He climbed back up to his feet from the ground and with a cold smile, he said, “As expected, you aren’t the so-called Young Miss Xiao. Lady Mu, long time no see. Your temper is still the same as two years ago…”

His words made everyone at the current scene stun. They looked with disbelief at the girl’s impeccable face.

‘She is Mu Ru Yue? How is this possible? Hadn’t Mu Ru Yue already die? Her corpse even had already been cremated. How could she appear before them again?’

Mu Zheng’s heart tightened as he stared at the girl before him.

‘This woman gives me a really intimate feeling. Can she really be my deceased Granddaughter?’

“No!” Chu Yun shrieked. She then said with a shaky voice, “This is impossible. How can she be Mu Ru Yue? Mu Ru Yue had already died. How can a dead person come back to life?”

‘More importantly, what I can’t stand or believe is that the woman I had racked my brain to kill has come back to life again. How can I stand such a blow…’

Chu Yun bit her lip hard with her face complexion gravely pale. She still had a trace of hope in her heart.

But in comparison to her, the one that regretted more was Shen Mo.

‘I had insulted this woman in order to protect Chu Yun. If she is really the person that I’ve been missing profusely, what should I do then?’

“Rebirth by possession!” Mu Hao Tian’s body shuddered as he shouted in a shaky voice, “That’s right, Elder sister Xiao had mentioned about rebirthing by possession. I previously didn’t believe that as I thought it could only occur in a fantasy. Can it be Elder sister had really possessed another person’s body and rebirthed?”

Mu Ru Yue’s body shook a little when she heard the crowd’s discussion behind her. Following that, an arm extended from behind her, hugging her body into his embrace.

The man’s warm chest calmed her down. It was as if she could be this calm no matter what happens…

“Hao Tian,” Mu Ru Yue turned around to look at her family behind her. With a captivating smile on her impeccable face, she apologized, “Grandfather, I am sorry that I’ve lied to all of you…”

Mu Hao Tian’s expression changed from his initial shock to excitement.


He hastily leaped into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace, hugging the person that he had once lost tightly. Tears gradually welled out from his large, clear eyes.

“Elder sis, I’ve missed you. I’ve really missed you. You’re finally back. I…”

Mu Hao Tian already didn’t say further upon saying that. He just hugged her tightly, reluctant to let her go.

“This matter regarding rebirth by possession is highly unbelievable. I had previously indistinctly brought it up to you but you didn’t believe it. I could only hide my identity so as to prevent you from thinking that I had ulterior motives…”

Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly and with her gaze focused on the elder’s excited expression, she called out, “Grandfather…”

“It is great that you’re back. It’s great you’re back.”

Mu Zheng secretly wiped away his tears from his eyes. But his heart was filled with joy.

‘The heavens know how sorrowful I was when I had to see the death of my Granddaughter. I had even fallen ill for two years. If it wasn’t for Granddaughter’s timely appearance, I’m afraid I would have already died…’

“Chu Yun,” Mu Ru Yue gradually raised her gaze to shift her gaze to Chu Yun. She smiled but that smile was tremendously sinister cold, even giving off a glacial icy aura. “When you helped those people to deal with me that year, have you thought that such a day would come? It is just that my luck is rather good. Otherwise, I would have really died that day…”

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