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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 945 – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 2

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An enraged aura surged forth from Mu Zheng’s body. That aura seemed to be able to make the entire dark clouds in the sky stir.

“Chu Yun, you are the one that led to my Granddaughter’s death. I will kill you today to avenge for her death!”

Currently, the elder’s eyes turned bloodshot red, emitting a sinister cold blood-red glow. His sinister expression looked tremendously horrifying. Following that, a pressure expanded from his body, covering the entire Mu family’s manor.

“No!” Chu Yun’s expression changed drastically as she hastily shouted, “Xia Rui! Save me! Quickly save me! I don’t want to die!”

‘This old man really wants to kill me!

‘But I definitely mustn’t die!’

Xia Rui frowned slightly as he glanced coldly at Xia Rui that was on the ground. He smiled coldly and said, “There is still a matter that I want to share with everyone today. I wonder if there’s anyone that is interested in knowing information regarding the couple Mu Yuan and Yun Luo.”

Mu Zheng’s body stiffened. His pressure disappeared once he heard what Xia Rui said. He clenched his fist tightly and stared at the man’s cold but handsome face. “Where are my son and sister-law?”

“Hur!” Xia Rui chuckled lowly as he revealed, “Mu Zheng, that daughter-in-law of yours will soon be going to be my mother. The wedding between my Father and her will be happening in a couple of days. Hahaha! I hope you will be able to attend it at that time!”

Mu Zheng was stunned.

‘I am the clearest regarding Mu Yuan and Yun Luo feelings for each other. The couple had gotten together with such great difficulty, undergoing several life and death crises. But now, Yun Luo is remarrying? This is impossible!

‘Can it be something happened to them?’


Suddenly, a powerful aura came over from his side, making the sky to have a sudden change in colour. Sinister dark clouds covered the entire sky.

“What did you just say?”

The girl’s voice was icy and heartless, carrying a dense killing intent with it. She raised her glacial eyes as she stared directly at Xia Rui and said, “Do you mind repeating what you just said again?”

“I had already said it so clearly. Yun Luo is going to marry my Father. As for Mu Yuan, hur… he is just a living dead person! However, I had already notified my Father before coming here that if I didn’t safely return, then…”

Xia Rui narrowed his eyes slightly as he smiled cunningly and said, “Mu Yuan wouldn’t be a living dead person but an actual dead person. Haha!”


Mu Ru Yue abruptly gathered her power before her body. A violent storm formed in the air.


That storm sent Xia Rui’s body flying, making his body to be tossed several metres back before crashing hard on a wall.

“Xia Rui!” Mu Ru Yue raised her gave with aura surging out of her body. A gale suddenly rose in her surroundings. With her hair fluttering like a waterfall, she said, “Do you really think I don’t dare to kill you? No, not only you! If you hurt them, I will kill your entire family. I… won’t let a single member of the Xia family continue to live at that time!”

‘Family has always been placed at the softest position in my heart. Similarly, they are my reverse scales that nobody can touch. If there are people that tried to make a move on my family, I will wipe out all those people families with all my might, leaving not a single one of them alive!’

Mu Hao Tian was stunned as he looked at Mu Ru Yue’s cold expression in shock. Doubt surged in his clear, large eyes.

‘Elder sister Xiao is just a friend of Elder sister and has been helping the Mu family by Elder sister’s request. Yet, why is she so enraged regarding something happening to my parents? Her kind of rage should only occur when a daughter was seeing her parents getting bullied…’

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