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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 944 – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 1

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Shen Mo was startled as curiosity filled his eyes, obviously not knowing what Xia Rui meant.

“Xia Rui!” Chu Yun’s face paled as she hastily yelled, “Please don’t say!”

‘If Shen Mo knows what I had done, he will surely not forgive me…’

“Chu Yun, are you hiding something from me?” Shen Mo frowned slightly as he looked coldly at Chu Yun’s gravely pale face. His heart gradually sunk.

“Shen Mo, I…”

Chu Yun panicked and wanted to explain. But when her eyes met with the man’s suspicious gaze, she subconsciously swallowed her following words.

Her heart shuddered at this moment as the droplet of tears hanging on her delicate, long eyelashes made her look incredibly pitiful.

“Haha!” Xia Rui laughed brazenly as he looked with a gaze filled with mockery at Shen Mo’s handsome face. With a mockery smile, he exposed, “The reason why those people knew about Mu Ru Yue’s travel plans and even led to her death was all due to your good wife’s plot! You married her murderer. I wonder how you will face Mu Ru Yue after knowing about this!”


Thunders seemed to have clapped above Shen Mo’s head, making him stumble a couple steps backward. He looked in disbelief at the gravely pale face and asked sorrowfully, “Chu Yun, is what he said… the truth?”

‘Chu Yun killed Mu Ru Yue? How can that be? I would never have suspected her no matter how I thought about the reasons that led to Mu Ru Yue’s death…’

“Shen Mo, please listen to me. It isn’t like that. It really isn’t like that!” Chu Yun immediately tried to hold onto Shen Mo, her shaking delicate body attracted affections to her.

However, Shen Mo had seen the panic that flashed in her eyes when she tried to justify herself.



A palm struck Chu Yun’s face, making her body to fly backward. Her hair flowed unkempt with blood gradually trickling out from the corner of her mouth…

Her heart seemed to have been torn apart, making Chu Yun gasp from the pain. She slowly raised her gaze to look at the man’s cold face with a trace of ridicule smile that appeared on her face.

“Shen Mo, do I really not have any position in your heart even if it is just a little after so many years of knowing each other?”

The man was currently not as gentle as just now. He was like an enraged wild lion, ready to pounce and rip its prey apart.

“I had married you on Yue Er’s behalf. If it wasn’t for your sincere feelings for her that moved me, I would have never accepted you! Chu Yun, it is best for you to know that you are nothing in my heart!”

Chu Yun’s body stiffened as she closed her eyes in sorrow.

‘So even if I had led to that woman’s death, I still don’t have any position in Shen Mo’s heart…’


Suddenly, she opened her eyes and laughed crazily. Her laughs filled the entire horizon. With boundless hatred in her craziness, she confessed, “That’s right, I had done that! But so what? Who told you to only have her in your eyes? Why can she be able to obtain your attention while I can’t? You can only forget about her and marry me once she died. Now, my plot had succeeded. You had indeed married me but I still failed to gain your heart! Shen Mo, is your heart really made of steel? No matter what I had done, it was all due to my devoted love for you. How can you treat me like this?”

Chu Yun yelled in a hoarse and shaky tone when she asked that.

Tears of sorrow slowly flowed down her beautiful face. But her face was tremendously gravely pale. She seemed to have used all of her strength to say her piece, collapsing onto the ground…

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