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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 943 – Misunderstanding Part 9

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Chu Yun felt as though her heart had been ripped apart when she saw the man’s disappointed gaze, unbearably painful.

‘So I’ve already forgotten about my feelings for Xia Rui during these two years, fully loving this man that is loyal and devoted in his feelings…’


Chu Yun didn’t know where she got the might to free herself from Xia Rui’s grip. She ran before Shen Mo and said, “Shen Mo, please listen to me. I didn’t have a choice…”

The man suddenly opened his eyes when she was still saying the last four words of her speech.

His eyes weren’t as gentle as usual as coldness had replaced it.


A crisp sound was heard from Chu Yun’s face. Her steps halted at that moment as she raised a hand to cover half of her face, looking in disbelief at the man standing before her.

“Shen Mo… y-you slapped me?”

‘This is the first time this man hit me from the years of knowing him!’

“Don’t you near me with that defiled body of yours!” Shen Mo’s expression was cold with a glacial gaze.

Chu Yun’s heart instantly fell into an icehouse. Her body was freezing cold.

‘So in this man’s heart, I am already dirty…’

“Shen Mo!” Tears appeared in Chu Yun’s eyes as she looked at the man’s cold face in despair and sorrow. Blood seemed to have bled out from her heart as she persuaded, “You have to believe that I only have you in my heart. Moreover… Moreover, I am Yue Er’s best friend. If Yue Er sees you treat me like this, how upset will she be…”

Although Chu Yun couldn’t stand it, she knew that Mu Ru Yue was the only soft spot in his heart.

As expected, Shen Mo’s expression softened gradually upon hearing what she said. A hand extended from behind Chu Yun, embracing her body tightly, when he was about to say something…

“Chu Yun, it seems that you don’t place me in your eyes or is it that you have forgotten what I said.” Xia Rui smiled ruthlessly as he looked coldly at the crowd.

Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen didn’t say a word since Xia Rui’s and Chu Yun’s appearance, silently standing at a side while watching the show…

But it was unquestionable that Xia Rui’s appearance had saved Shen Mo’s life. There wasn’t any hostage in Shen Mo’s hand after all. If it wasn’t for Xia Rui’s appearance, Shen Mo would have already been killed…

“Xia Rui, what are you planning on doing?” Chu Yun lowered her voice as she said furiously, “I’m begging you to let me go. I was previously with you but I currently no longer love you anymore. The person I love is Shen Mo. If you really love me, please let me go…”

Shen Mo’s heart softened as he looked at Chu Yun’s pleading gaze.

‘I am willing to give her a chance although she had committed a mistake. Furthermore, she is Yue Er’s friend. I should give her a chance even if it is on Yue Er’s behalf…’

“Shen Mo, do you still want her even if she had cheated on you?” Xia Rui sneered as he looked at Shen Mo.

Shen Mo’s expression was cold and with a resolute tone, he said, “Who doesn’t make mistakes in life? If she is willing to change, I can give her a chance!”

“Haha!” Xia Rui laughed brazenly as he continued, “If you can still accept her after I tell you about a matter, I will let the two of you be together!”

Shen Mo looked at Xia Rui with mockery as he rebuked, “I have even tolerated her betrayal. What else will I not be able to accept…”

“The matter that I want to tell you is…” Xia Rui paused for a moment before he smiled mercilessly and said, “The reason for Mu Ru Yue’s death!”
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