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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 927 – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 2

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Chapter 927 – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 2

A dark ray of a light flashed across Chu Yun’s eyes. A layer of tears appeared in her eyes again.

‘Previously, I indeed was deeply in love with Xia Rui (summer lucky). More importantly, I had given my first to him… But Xia Rui is a player so he has several women by his side. Even though he promised the woman he loves the most is me, I want my man to be solely mine as a woman!

‘Coincidentally, I was moved by Shen Mo’s devoted feelings for Mu Ru Yue at that time. I would definitely be happy if I were to be able to marry that kind of man…

‘Thus, I shifted my love for Xia Rui to Shen Mo.

‘Nonetheless, Xia Rui is really influential and is even the heir of the Xia family. If I manage to make him my lover, I can certainly make him help me take care of many matters…’

Xia Rui’s gaze became a little absent-minded. It was as though he was reminiscing the tender and delicate little girl when he first met her. His expression softened.


Chu Yun’s gently unbuttoned her shirt with her fingers. Her bare snow-white skin was revealed before Xia Rui’s eyes at that instant, arousing him.


He raised his hand to push Chu Yun harshly onto the bed. He didn’t in the slightest cared for the beauty as he ripped her clothing apart. He slightly narrowed his eyes that were emitting a dangerous glow.

“Chu Yun, you are the one that had come to me this time! I shall let you see whether Shen Mo or I am better in bed!”

Intense flames of fury blazed in his heart as he thought this woman was previously lying under Shen Mo’s body. It was especially so with the pink markings on her body, completely stinging Xia Rui’s eyes red. He harshly extended his hand to scratch those markings away.


Chu Yun gasped in pain. With tears rolling out of her eyes, she pleaded, “Rui, it’s very painful. Please be more gentle…”

“Pain?” Xia Rui snorted coldly as he continued, “This is your outcome for not listening to my order, stubbornly wanting to marry Shen Mo! My woman can only have my markings on her body! I will rip those traces from other people away mercilessly!”

Chu Yun’s body shuddered as she slowly closed her eyes.

‘I don’t know whether if it is a good or bad decision seeking this devil again…’

Chu Yun only knew she felt as though all of the bones in her body had fallen apart under the man’s torture. She didn’t know how long had passed until such a humiliating torture had ended. Her entire body hurt to the point that she couldn’t even move once he was done torturing her.

However, she clearly knew all about this man’s personality.

‘Although this man is surrounded by countless women, he had never slept with a woman twice, not to mention a second-hand good.

‘But I’m an exception.

‘It’s all due to this man loving me. Thus, he put up with me marrying Shen Mo and even tolerated that I was the one that abandoned him first…’

Xia Rui rolled off her body, lighting a cigarette. The glow from the tip of the cigarette shone on his cold eyebrows and eyes, making people tremendously fearful of him.

“Tell me why did you come looking for me?!” Xia Rui chuckled coldly as he continued, “I’m not that easy to be deceived. How will you willingly become my lover if it wasn’t that you needed something from me?”

Chu Yun bit her lip as she confessed, “I want you to help me kill two people!”


“Mu Hao Tian and… the woman by his side!” Chu Yun took in a deep breath, suppressing the killing intents in her heart as she continued, “That woman has an incredibly similar appearance to Mu Ru Yue. I want you to kill her no matter what! As for Mu Hao Tian, he is just subsidiary…”

Chu Yun finally raised her head to look at him while she said that, carrying a sinister cold aura in her speech.

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