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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 879 –Breakingthrough To The True Realm Part 1

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Chapter 879 –Breakingthrough To The True Realm Part 1

Ye Wu Chen moved his body with his sinister cold aura surging out of his body. He raised his ice-cold purple eyes.


His aura was directly shot at Liu Lu, making her body fly backward crashing against the wall without any warning.


She spat out a mouthful of blood.


Liu Lu’s expression became sinister as she looked furiously at Ye Wu Chen and said, “I am under Elder Shi Hua (poem splendid) of the Devil Sect. If you help me, Elder Shi Hua will certainly nurture you.”

Dou Lin frowned tightly. He remained silent for a moment before he looked at Ye Wu Chen and the crowd as though he had made a decision. He then said coldly, “She is my Dou family’s madam. How dare you make a move on her within my Dou family? You are seeking for death! Somebody, subdue this bastard couple!”

‘It is difficult to digest my beloved wife’s death, but currently, what is most important to me is power and status! Hence, I temporarily can’t kill this woman…’

Liu Lu smiled. Her smile contained complacent as if she had already predicted Dou Lin’s decision.

‘He really loved that woman. However, he loves himself more than her…’


Dou Yi Jun’s expression changed from his initial shock to disappointment. He looked coldly at the Father he had always revered, something in his heart seemed to have shattered…

‘He has always been my pillar…

‘Yet, I just realize how weak he is at this moment…’

“Jun Er, don’t blame Father. You will understand that you need to think much further once you are in my position.” A trace of pain was expressed on Dou Lin’s face as he ordered, “Someone, bring the young master away!”


Two men instantly went forth, but a tyrannical force abruptly burst forth from Dou Yi Jun’s body before they could near him, sending them flying backward.


A holler penetrated the crowd’s chest, making them feel that their heart had trembled for a moment.

Dou Yi Jun gave Dou Lin a final glance before turning around to walk to Mu Ru Yue’s side. He raised his gaze and said expressionlessly, “Father, since you’re adamant in supporting that woman, I can only be your enemy then!”


Dou Lin slammed his fist on the table before he said, enraged, “Are you really going to oppose me as your Father for some outsiders?”

“They aren’t outsiders!” Dou Yi Jun revealed coldly, “She, Mu Ru Yue, is my Dou Yi Jun’s biological niece. The Dou family’s bloodline similarly flows in her body. She is the daughter of my missing younger sister that has been living away from the family!”

Liu Lu’s expression changed as she looked at Mu Ru Yue with a sinister expression.

‘This girl is actually the Granddaughter of that woman? Damn it! If I knew it sooner, I wouldn’t have let her stay in the Dou family’s manor!’


Dou Lin was stunned as he looked at Mu Ru Yue with astonishment, mixed feelings filled in his heart.

‘She is my granddaughter? But she currently can only be counted as my foe!’

“So what… if that’s the case?” Dou Lin slowly closed his eyes. He opened his eyes after a long time before he declared, “Nobody can get in the way for the benefit of the Dou family!”

‘That’s right!

‘Nobody can get in my way for the benefit for the Dou family!

‘The power in my hands is more important to me even if I don’t want to make a move on my granddaughter…

‘My beloved wife had already died. I’ve also never interacted with this granddaughter of mine so I naturally don’t have any feelings for her. More importantly, will I really ruin my chance of benefits for her?

‘It is plainly unthinkable…’
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