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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 878 –Revealing The Identity Part 8

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Chapter 878 –Revealing The Identity Part 8

“Grandmother.” Dou Wei Wei bit her lip as she looked at Liu Lu with teary eyes.

Liu Lu shifted her gaze to Dou Wei Wei before explaining with a smile, “Wei Wei, your Father is the son of my deceased elder sister. I had raised both of you up in her stead. The Dou family’s head position will always be your Father’s no matter what happens today! As for that man that you like, you will similarly be able to obtain him. There’s nobody that will dare to snatch a person from my Liu Lu’s Granddaughter!”

Liu Lu shot a dagger-like sharp gaze at Mu Ru Yue upon saying that.

“Lady, you should at least know what is shame is as a girl. You even stay by that man’s side with your thick skin. He will be marrying my Granddaughter as his wife soon. If you personally chop off that arm that you used to hit my Granddaughter, I will permit you to leave this place with your life!”

How could Liu Lu be as gullible as Dou Kui to easily believe what Dou Wei Wei said after living for so many years?

‘I am clear that Mu Ru Yue and the man are deeply in love with each other, not as what Dou Wei Wei had said.

‘But so what?

‘Dou Wei Wei is under my wings. Hence, if she wants something, I will help her get it even if it is by force…

‘Moreover, it is just a man!

‘With the Devil Sect as my backer in this Devil City, who will dare to go against me? If that girl knows what is best for her, she should beg for my mercy. Otherwise, death will be her only outcome!’

Fury surged forth from Ye Wu Chen’s body. A sinister aura circled his body, decreasing the temperature in the room.

It was unknown to Liu Lu why her heart suddenly skipped a beat when her eyes met with the man’s gloomy eyes. Yet, she forcefully suppressed the fear in her heart with her sneer intensifying.

“This Mister, are you really planning to make a move in the Dou family? You should be clear that the Devil Sect will undoubtedly not let you off once you kill me, relentlessly pursuing after your life! You will never be a match to the Devil Sect’s might no matter how powerful you are so you shouldn’t ask for needless trouble!”

Liu Lu paused for a moment before continuing, “If you’re willing to marry my Granddaughter, I will help you to be heavily focused upon by the Devil Sect. It won’t be impossible for you to be met by the current head of the Devil Sect at that time!”

Actually, Liu Lu had never seen the head of the Devil Sect, no matter if it was the previous or the current leader of the sect.

‘From what I heard, the current head of the Devil Sect is a five to six-year-old boy. He had recently brought experts, a guy and girl, to take over the Devil Sect. Thus, the Devil Sect had fallen into his hands in the end…’

Liu Lu was curious to have a look at such a miracle-like child. It was a pity that the status of the head was too prestigious so how could she easily see him?

Hence, she was just lying when she said that…

“Devil Sect?” Ye Wu Chen chuckled. His smile looked immensely charming, but it was filled with killing intents. “I am only interested in killing people now!”

Dou Wei Wei was stunned as she looked at Ye Wu Chen with bright lit eyes.

‘It is unquestionable that the man’s smile is so beautiful that nobody can overlook it.

‘He is still so captivating even with an Asura-like grandeur, making people entranced by him…’

“Impudent!” Liu Lu slammed her hand on the table as she continued with a gloomy gaze, “I shall give you one last chance! You just need to cut off the girl’s hands that had previously been used to beat my Granddaughter! I will then allow you to live and even become a member of my Dou family! Numerous people have been praying to be able to obtain this kind of opportunity within the entire Devil City. If you still choose to reject this offer, you really don’t know what’s good for you!”

In her point of view, only an idiot would choose to give up on such a great deal…
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