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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 88 – Pill Assembly

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Chapter 88- Pill Assembly

The participants and their various factions had already entered the venue for the Pill Assembly. Chatter filled the entire venue.

Currently, there was a red clothed elder sitting at the judges’ panel. He was smiling and stroking his beard while looking down at the youthful faces.

“This is so nostalgic. Previously, we had also participated in this exciting event. Hehe! And now we are all here. Following this, it will become the era of these youngsters.”

A yellow clothed elder shot a glance at the red clothed old fellow as he chuckled and replied, “Elder Flame, I remembered that the champion for that year should have been that old fellow, Wu Yu. Who knew that he had to settle some matters halfway and lost to the president? That old fellow had always been unsatisfied. He had mentioned that he would definitely recruit a disciple that possesses skills stronger than the grandson of the president. I wonder if he has found an exceptional seedling after so many years.”

Hearing that, the red clothed elder known as Elder Flame laughed. “It is due to this matter Wu Yu had always been unsatisfied, so he didn’t even join the Pill Assembly with us and instead became the Chief Alchemist of a sect. However, the disciple that enters Wu Yu’s eyes will without a doubt be an exceptional talent. After all, that old fellow had always been sharp-eyed. Moreover, with the existence of the president’s grandson, he will definitely not recruit any disciples that cannot exceed the president’s grandson’s talent.”

Elder He sighed. “How great would it be if Wu Yu joined the Pill Assembly with us at that time? The president had also been reminiscing about him these days. He keeps saying that he was just lucky at that time and won without glamour. He wants to compete with him once more, but they have already aged. Competing should be for the younglings instead.”

The two elders looked at one another before bitterly chuckling simultaneously as they thought about what happened that year.

“Forget it, let’s stop talking about this. I also don’t know what good seedlings we will encounter this year. I’ve heard that both the Qin’s family Qin Fei Fei and Tan Qing from the Tan family are quite talented.”

Elder Flame smiled. Honestly, when he was looking at these youths, he was moved to recruit a disciple again.

“But I am looking forward to the appearance of a dark horse instead.”

It would give more meaning to this competition.

Who knew that once those words landed, a black clothed elder, who was silent until now, coldly snorted with disdain. “Dark horse? How could a dark horse appear? The champion will undoubtedly be the president’s grandson, and the runner up can only be Qin Fei Fei from the Qin family. Qin Fei Fei had recently reached the Earth Stage Low Rank level. For her to reach such a stage at 17 years of age, her talent will only be second to the grandson of the president.”

Elder Flame chuckled, before giving a non-committal reply . “That might not be the case, Elder Qin. It is better to not say anything too complacently. There are many anomalies in the world after all.”

Upon saying that, Elder Flame ignored the ashen-faced Elder Qin as he shifted his gaze to look back down at the youngsters.

“Younger sister, it’s her.”

Currently at the venue, Qin Luo singled out Mu Ru Yue in the crowd with a glance. A trace of hatred flashed in his eyes as he commented, “She was the one that struck my horse carriage. If she didn’t, I would have been able to charge away from the scene. I then wouldn’t have been caught by Madam Sheng Yue. Moreover, my horse might’ve not even crashed into that little brat. If it wasn’t for her butting in, how could I be in such a state now?”

As he thought about this, Qin Luo once again felt an intense pain all over his body.

Qin Fei Fei followed Qin Luo’s gaze to look at a young girl not far from them. A trace of iciness flashed past her exquisite face.

She knew her elder brother’s character. He was a typical bully, abusing his power to tyrannize others. He was undisciplined and out of control with the power of the Qin family under him. But who made him be the only son of the Qin family, spoiled by their father and mother since young?

It was definitely an excuse when he said that he might not have crashed into the girl. But no matter how terrible Qin Luo was, he was still her elder brother.

“The event is hosted by the Pill Assembly this time. Even though there are people from the Qin family in this Pill Assembly, there will definitely be a rule stating that it is forbidden to personally hurt participants so I can only make her look unsightly in the competition.”

It really wasn’t worthy for her to place importance on a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist.
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