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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 834 –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 1

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Chapter 834 –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 1

A mighty aura dashed toward Mu Ru Yue just when she stepped onto the top floor of the Alchemy Tower. She hastily moved to the side. Following that, an earth-shaking howl was heard.


When the demon beast saw that it had failed to pounce on Mu Ru Yue, it turned around to dash toward her again. Its entire body’s aura was fully released at that instant. The mighty power was extremely astonishing, instantly making Mu Ru Yue’s breath to tighten a little…

Mu Ru Yue gathered her mental power and formed them into weapons before her while she retreated.


She shot her weapons toward the ferocious demon beast.

But the demon beast’s advancement wasn’t hindered by the tempest of weapons, quickly reaching before Mu Ru Yue.


It raised its hand to smack Mu Ru Yue to a side.

Mu Ru Yue’s body crashed heavily onto the ground. Yet, the demon beast had charged toward her once again before she could make any preparations in dealing with it…

Mu Ru Yue hastily rolled away under the urgent situation.


The demon beast’s claw had struck on the ground the instant she rolled away.


A large hole abruptly appeared on the ground…

“This isn’t working. This demon beast is stronger than any demon beasts that I’ve encountered in this tower.” Glimmers danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. Her gaze was focused on the demon beast that slightly resembled a tiger or a leopard…


The demon beast roared with its teeth covered in sticky saliva. It turned around and charged toward Mu Ru Yue at top speed…

The crowd stared at the glimmering Alchemy Tower at the stadium. They even forgot to breathe at this instant…

Several people had failed to advance to the next floor at this moment, resulting in them teleporting out of the Alchemy Tower prematurely. But they would still be able to pass this round of competition even if they were forced to teleport out of the Alchemy Tower, as long as they had broken through to the fifth floor…

A ray of light flashed at this instant. A magnificent girl had appeared on the arena stage from the Alchemy Tower.

She had a complacent smile on her face, waiting for cheers from the crowd.

‘I should be the only one that could break through to the eighth floor…

‘The champion in this round of this competition must be me.

‘But she quickly discovered that something wasn’t right…’


The entire stadium was silent…

Su Ning was stunned for a moment as she looked puzzled at the stunned crowd. Her expression instantly changed as she followed their gazes to see what they were looking at.

“Ninth and tenth floor? How can there be people that could enter the ninth and tenth floor?”

Her body couldn’t help but shudder.

‘I thought that I will be the champion. I didn’t expect that there will be people that could enter the ninth and even the tenth floor…’

Su Ning hastily covered her lips, preventing herself from exclaiming.

A ray of light flickered from the ninth floor under the crowd’s gaze. A figure had descended from the ninth floor…

It was a man in black robes. His body was being completely enveloped within a large black robe that was inlaid with gold. He had a dark gold mask on his face. Yet, it was unknown why he was giving people a sinister and horrifying vibe.

He seemed to be an emissary from hell. He seemed to be able to take anyone’s life with just a raise of his hand.

Su Ning glared at that man as the man seemed to have stolen her glory. But what was even more infuriating to her was the person that had broken through to the tenth floor!

‘Didn’t Protector Chuan Gu say that it will be impossible for her to enter the tenth floor? Why is this happening then…’

“There is still two more minutes.”

Chuan Gu raised his eyes to look at the Alchemy Tower with mixed feelings in his heart.

‘She will be forced to teleport out of the tenth floor once the time is up. Yet, there hasn’t been anyone that was able to break through the tenth floor since the establishment of the Alchemy Tower. Hence, I am in a dilemma. I hope that she can break through but also don’t want her to break through…’
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