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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 829 –Mental Power Competition Part 2

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Chapter 829 –Mental Power Competition Part 2


She was sent flying away by Mu Ru Yue before she could even near her, crashing onto the ground in a sorry state. Her gaze was malevolent as she stared at the face that drove her insane.

‘This bitch dares to steal! I must make rip her corpse into fragments, making her unable to have a complete burial!” 1

Mu Ru Yue withdrew her hand from the medicine plant after seeing that the medicinal plant was filled with vitality. She looked coldly at Su Ning.

“You said that the method of growing medicine with energy is your Su family’s. What are you basing that on?”

“You…” Su Ning was so angry that her face flushed red. She then explained furiously, “There is nobody other than my Su family that knows this method in the Eastern Island. Moreover, the Su family’s book that recorded the method of using energy to grow medicine was recently stolen by someone. That thief must be you!”

In Su Ning’s point of view, Mu Ru Yue was really the despicable thief. A person like Mu Ru Yue wasn’t worthy to be an alchemist!

An Xi was angered by Su Ning’s accusation and wanted to talk some sense into her. However, the surroundings of the competition area had been sealed, separating the competitors from the crowd. She was unable to enter the arena stage so she could only glare at Su Ning’s hatred-evoking face.

Su Ning’s gaze turned increasingly cold, but she didn’t say anything. Yet, an indistinct hatred shone past her eyes.

“It seems that I don’t have a choice but bother with Su Ning.”

‘I know that Su Ning dislikes me and I similarly dislike her. But what is unbearable was that Su Ning has frequently sought trouble with Mu Ru Yue due to trying to get back at me.

‘I definitely won’t let those two mother and daughter off no matter if my mother’s death does or doesn’t have anything to do with them…’

“Only your Su family has it?” Mu Ru Yue smiled and rebuked, “With that imperfect method of growing medicine with energy? The genuine technique in using energy to grow medicine is not that half-assed technique that you used.”

Su Ning widened her eyes.

‘I’ve never seen such a shameless person. She was the one that stole an item from the Su family. Now, she is saying that the Su family’s method of growing medicine with energy isn’t complete?’

“Shut up!” Chuan Gu’s expression darkened as he looked gloomily at Mu Ru Yue’s smiling face. He chided her, “Lady, have you heard that phrase of ‘if you don’t seek death, death won’t come to you’? Your actions are really unrespectable. You are not only ruthless and inhumane, you are even a thief that steals other belongings. I shall give you an advice. You should return the book. Otherwise, a calamity will fall upon you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was indifferent as she asked, without a change in her expression, “I wonder what calamity will it be.”

“Lady, I know that you are really powerful. But with Su Ning’s current performance, she will undoubtedly be heavily nurtured by the Alchemy Sect. She may become an esteemed person that will be the second to the head of the sect. Do you think you can go against the Alchemy Sect?”

Everyone shot envious gazes at Su Ning at this moment.

‘I didn’t expect to be evaluated so highly by elder Chuan Gu this quickly. If I enter the Alchemy Sect, I can directly become an inner disciple. At that instant, how can Mu Ru Yue oppose the Alchemy Sect no matter how powerful she is?

‘Hence, Mu Ru Yue doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning in this situation…’

“Is this your decision or the Alchemy Sect’s decision?” Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly as she mocked, “From my understanding, a punny protector does not have the authority to make such decisions in the Alchemy Sect.”

Chuan Gu’s expression turned grim.

‘Puny protector? This little girl calls me a puny protector. She is definitely belittling me…’

1. Miki: For interest purposes, I will explain why burial is important to Chinese people. Burial of the dead is of utmost importance to the Chinese people. If the burial is carried out incorrectly, it is believed that disaster and bad luck will plague the family of the deceased. For more information, https://www.funeralwise.com/customs/chinese/.
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